Destroy Godbomber!! is the thirtieth episode of Transformers: Super-God Masterforce. It first aired in Japan on November 22, 1988 on Nippon TV.



In the heartland of America, the Decepticons spring a trap that puts Godbomber in danger, forcing the Headmaster Juniors to discover a new power that will save the day.


On a grassy hillside, Super Ginrai reclines beside Godbomber, awaiting the arrival of the Headmaster Juniors. Presently, the trio roll up and board Godbomber, at which point the drone transfers its God Wing to Ginrai, allowing him to take to the air. Carrying Godbomber and its passengers with him, Ginrai makes a beeline for the farmlands of America, where Metalhawk has reported that the Decepticon Headmaster Juniors are burning storehouses.

Transformers: The Flamethrower! *FWOOOOSH* The kids love it.

As the Decepticon Juniors go about their mission, Cancer voices his concern, fearing that they'll be left with nothing to eat, but Wilder and Bullhorn mock his naiveté, pointing out that the storehouses don't contain all the food in America. Just then, Ginrai appears in the sky overhead and sets down nearby, instructing the Autobot Juniors to get to work putting out the fires and saving as much of the intact food as possible. Ginrai breaks away to deal with another cluster of burning storehouses, but while he is occupied moving sacks of food, he is blindsided by a blast that comes from the opposite building. The doors of the warehouse burst open and Giga, aboard his Gigatank, comes rolling out, and Mega appears overhead in the Megajet. Ginrai dives into a nearby building for cover, but the two Decepticons bombard it with blast fire, and it explodes!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the facility, Hydra and Buster approach the unassuming Godbomber, who sits stationary in trailer mode. Intending to cripple Ginrai's fighting power by destroying the drone, they open fire, but the Autobot Juniors spot them and draw their fire. Minerva instructs Shūta to check on Ginrai, and he races off, arriving just as Ginrai hauls himself from the rubble of the warehouse and find himself staring down Overlord's gun barrel. Shūta opens fire on Overlord, knocking the Decepticon Godmaster aside long enough for Ginrai to be filled in on the situation.

"I have candy in my Ark..."

Surprisingly, Ginrai instructs Shūta to return to his team-mates and for them to transport Godbomber away to safety, leaving him unable to merge with the drone. Shūta does as instructed, and boards Godbomber, driving it off into the nearby forest with Minerva and Cab following. Unfortunately, they're not the only ones, as Hydra and Buster pursue the Juniors and blast Godbomber, causing Shūta to crash into a tree. Minerva and Cab try to hold the Decepticons off, but just as their weapons run out of energy, help arrives from a most unexpected quarter – the six-changing wanderer, Sixknight, drops out of the skies and takes the Godmasters on as the two Juniors rush to Shūta's aid. As Minerva tends Shūta's wounds, Cab attempts to get Godbomber rolling again, but the drone does not respond.

Now you're playing with power!

Godbomber, it is explained, functions by absorbing Chokon Power from Ginrai, and the Autobot commander has been so badly weakened by Mega and Giga that he has none to spare, leaving it motionless. Buster breaks off from the battle with Sixknight to attack the immobile target, but suddenly, when the three distressed Juniors all grab for Godbomber's controls at once, it springs to life and charges forward. After narrowly missing Buster, Godbomber transforms to robot mode, but once again, the Juniors find that they cannot make it move. When Shūta happens to lay his hand on a panel, however, it lights up, and a gauge on the console begins to rise. Minerva and Cab join in, placing their hands alongside Shūta's, and the gauge is completely filled, bringing Godbomber to Chokon-powered life! Dodging a blast from Buster, the Junior-piloted Godbomber pounds the Decepticon Godmaster into the ground, and then lifts off, heading back to help Ginrai.

Back the other battle site, Mega and Giga have succeeded in drawing Ginrai out of hiding, but just as they are about to deliver the final blow, Godbomber and the Juniors arrive. Ginrai fuses with Godbomber into God Ginrai, and sends Overlord packing with a blast of Chokon Power. In the wake of the battle, Ginrai thanks Sixknight for his help, and after the Six-Changer departs, the discussion turns to Godbomber's unexpected transformation. The Juniors realize that they must have combined the Chokon Power in their bodies, generating enough to empower Godbomber, but Cab and Shūta are less than impressed to learn that it took all three of them to simply equal the power of Ginrai.


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  • The Headmaster Juniors refer to Godbomber's transformation in previous episode as if it was the first time they had seen it happen. It totally wasn't.

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