Destronium is a substance in the Transformers Animated continuity family.

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Destronium is an essential substance for building Decepticons. The genuine material's properties are unknown, save that it allows the creation of substances sturdier than normal Earthly ones for building servos and such. However, its Earth-made synthetic equivalent is incredibly unstable. Moving it at high speed makes it incredibly volatile, risking detonation within a matter of minutes.


Transformers Animated cartoon

While experimenting with robotic parts, Megatron said to Professor Sumdac that in order to build his new body, he needed Destronium circuitry. Sumdac regretfully informed Megatron that Destronium doesn't come in such vast quantities on Earth as it must wherever Megatron comes from, but he'd been able to synthesize a small amount. However, by the time that sample was shipped to his lab from across town, it would be useless or highly explosive. The only way to avoid that would be to transport it in under 10 minutes. Megatron then hatched a scheme to use Prof. Sumdac's experimental turbo suit to transport the Destronium within the required time. Nanosec


  • Destronium is most likely derived from Destron, the Japanese name for the Decepticons. Considering that the Japanese name for the Autobots is Cybertron, it may even be a counterpart of sorts to Cybertonium, a slightly differently spelled substance from the Generation One cartoon which was critical for the proper functioning of Transformer bodies.
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