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Destroids are zombie humans from the Masterforce portion of the Generation One continuity family.

"No, John. You are the demons"

The Destroids were an early attempt by Blood's gang of Decepticons to infuse human beings with Decepticon power, creating an army of zombie-like warriors.


Super-God Masterforce cartoon

For the first Destroid experiment, Gilmer and Dauros stole a large collection of corpses from the morgue of a medical university. Channelling the power of Devil Z, Blood proceeded to reanimate the cadavers as an army of the undead, and the Decepticons wasted no time in deployed them in an attack on New York. Autobot Pretender Lander and local police forces counter-attacked, and although the Destroids were invulnerable to small arms fire, they were soon proven to have very short lifespans, and disintegrated when their energy had been consumed.

In an attempt to improve their Destroid armies, the Decepticons realized that they required live human subjects, and attempted to capture several natives of the Karin Islands to serve as test subjects, only to be foiled by the Autobots. Terror! The Decepticons' Manhunt

And then John was a zombie.

Seeking the biological expertise of the Nobel-Prize-winning scientist Professor Blanieux to perfect their Destroid process, the Decepticons attacked a jet liner from Blanieux's home country of Mont Porte, hoping to capture him. Although the professor was not aboard the jet, the Decepticons now had a selection of live subjects to experiment with, and they succeeded in creating a new, super-strong breed of Destroid with much great durability. These Destroids were unleashed on Rome, but the Autobots succeeded in subduing them with anesthetic gas. With proper treatment Diver expected them to return to normal.

Finally identifying the plane which held Blanieux, the Decepticons attacked from within by turning a flight attendant into a "stealth" Destroid, which looked human until activated. This Destroid seemed much more intelligent than the others, but was subdued by the Autobots' allies, Shūta Gō and Cab, who were also aboard the plane. Kidnapping!? The Targeted Jumbo Jet

The Decepticons ceased attempting to infuse humans with Decepticon power after recruiting the Headmaster Juniors.