The Dinobots return to the Savage Land.

Published in: Transformers Annual 1990
Preceded by: The Quest!
Followed by: Trigger-Happy!

Writer: Steve White (Plot), Steve Alan (Plot/Script)
Pencillers: Andrew Wildman
Lettering: GLIB
Colouring: Steve White
Dinosaur Consultant: Steve White


In the hidden valley of Antarctica known as the Savage Land, the Dinobots are confronted by a stampede of real dinosaurs. They fend off the rampaging beasts while protecting the reason for their mission: Snarl, who has been infected with the wasting disease known as Corrodia Gravis. They had returned to the Savage Land to find the shuttle pod they used to first reach there from the Ark four million years ago, as it contained a unique control crystal which could salvage and contain Snarl's mind until a new body could be made for him. Unfortunately, the crystal was missing. While tracking the crystal, the Dinobots are assaulted by some salvaged weaponry from the shuttle. As Grimlock crashes through it, he runs into the human controlling the weapon, a paleontologist named Professor Embrey. It seems the professor had been using the control crystal as the basis for a healing machine that was keeping the dinosaurs alive and free of a "saurian disease" driving them to madness and death. Instead, Swoop comes up with the idea to transfer Snarl's mind out of his dying body and into that of a real stegosaurus. The Dinobots then prepare to leave, with the Snarl-osaurus left in Professor Embrey's care.


  • Considering Snarl is well known for hating his dino-mode, this is kind of a fate-worse-than-death situation, isn't it..?


  • Snarl's wasting disease was first mentioned in Assassins. In the subsequent story The Lesser Evil, a transfusion from Starscream was supposed to "save" him. Maybe it didn't work...? (Both stories were published after the Annual, so maybe there was a plan here...)
  • The control crystal was supposed to be aboard the shuttle craft which first brought the Dinobots to the Savage Land, as seen in the flashback of US #4.

Items of note

  • This story is set in 1992, after the original run of the comic would end.
  • The fact that Snarl is being written out of the Dinobots here suggests the story might have been intended to explain why he wasn't in The Movie.
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