Desert Flight is a multipath adventure in Generation One.
Desert flight

"Aber verstehen Sie nicht? Ich kann es nicht hilfen! Ich kann nicht!"

Vital Statistics

ISBN 0-345-33072-2
Writer: Jim Razzi
Illustrator William Schmidt (interior pencils and cover painting)
Pagecount: 73pp
Major characters:

Originally published: by Ballantine Books under the Find Your Fate Junior imprint, 1986


(Note: Completely optional events are italicised)

Cosmos is sent to investigate an explosion that seems to indicate Decepticon activity. He discovers a secret Decepticon base where they are developing a weapon they once tested on Cybertron, the anti-gravity gun.

Cosmos is captured, and Hook builds a replica of him with a powerful proton bomb inside to send back to the Autobots. Cosmos escapes and must make a desperate flight across the desert to reach his comrades in time, then prove which of them is the real Cosmos!

The Autobots engage in a hellish attack on the base, stymied by its many defenses and defenders, in order to destroy the weapon before it can be used to send all life on Earth flying off into space.

Chance brings Buddy, a boy from a nearby town, to them. His ideas and not-exceptionally-heroic actions help them win the day.

(Note: Desert Flight has two main story "threads", turning it into either a Cosmos solo adventure or a team-up with the plucky human Buddy. Buddy is completely absent from Cosmos's story thread, which includes the titular escape across the desert (which also graces the cover) and should probably be considered the "primary" sequence of events.)


Anti-gravity base, Anti-gravity gun, Buddy, Cosmos, Magna-mike, Replica Cosmos, Smokescreen


  • A notable scene has the Decepticons getting drunk on gasoline.

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