Derodomontatus is a Quintesson in the Universe portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Cryotek - "Do we really have to spend like five pages killing all the Beast Wars Mutants?"
Derotomontatus - "HA HA LOL MUTANTS SUXXORS"

Derodomontatus is the Supreme Imperial Magistrate of the Quintesson race. For centuries after the last failed attempt, he and his cohorts have patiently waited to retake Cybertron from the Transformers. Now, the time to try again has arrived, and no amount of Thinking This Through Better will stand in his way.


Universe: Featuring the Wreckers

Derodomontatus formed an allegiance with the Predacon outlaw Cryotek, giving him a home on New Quintessa while the two plotted conspiracy against the Transformer race. Using Cryotek's considerable skills, Derodomontatus was able to send a message through the Oracle to the few remaining Transformers unaffected by Predacon Megatron's virus, sending them on fool's errands.

One group, the Mutants, was directed to New Quintessa itself, where Derodomontatus and Cryotek watched as all four were slaughtered wholesale by Sharkticons. Cryotek balked, but Derodomontatus explained killing them all was necessary; the Mutants were "unmarketable product". Cryotek was angered by the Supreme Imperial Magistrate's hubris, reminding him that none of this was possible without his involvement. Quintessons are, after all, hardly marketable themselves. Betrayal

After Cryotek had secured the Divine Light, Derodomontatus's patience had worn thin, and he demanded that the next stage in their retaking of Cybertron commence. With the reformatting of Cybertron, the Quintessons' business transaction with the Predacon gangster was at an end. Cryotek assured them that after he tied up some loose ends, he would accompany them to their new home and begin their siege. Disclosure

In the wake of Cybertron's reformatting, Derodomontatus was certain there would be no resistance, for the Transformers, now technorganic beasts, would obviously be docile, like cattle. Cryotek suggested caution, but Derodomontatus was confident in the overwhelming numbers of his army. Wreckers: Finale Part II

Note: In the unpublished The Wreckers #4, Derodomontatus and his fellow high-ranking Quintessons shared in a chuckle before their assault on the planet. While scores of Sharkticons and Quintesson overseers flooded the planet's surface, Derodomontatus and his troops escorted Cryotek to an exhaust port which led deep into the inner chambers of the planet. Cryotek then revealed his plan to take Primus's power for himself, and Derodomontatus grew wary of his business partner's sanity. But as Cryotek, in possession of the Divine Light, began to merge and mutate from his proximity to the heart of Primus, the Wreckers attacked...

But in the end, it was not the inhabitants who would be his undoing. In the center of Cybertron, the increasingly mutated Cryotek dissolved his contract with Derodomantatus. Derodomontatus was brutally killed by Cryotek's pet, Chro, who was transformed by the supernaturally empowered gangster into a giant beast. Wreckers: Finale Part II

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