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Ancient and pitted, the derelict Asteroid Belt starship is a transport vessel set adrift ages ago in the asteroid belt of Earth's Solar System. It would not be notable were it not for the fact that its cargo is an ancient cache of powerful weapons which might yet tilt the balance of power in the Autobots' favor.

Tales of the Beast Hunters

"Tales of the Beast Hunters Chapter 1"

Information about the derelict was recovered along with an Iacon Relic. Bumblebee was able to decode the data, and immediately contacted Wheeljack with the aim of recovering the ship's cargo.

"Tales of the Beast Hunters Chapter 2"

The transmission was intercepted by Soundwave, resulting in Megatron and Predaking also heading for the derelict.

"Tales of the Beast Hunters Chapter 4"

The two Autobots managed to locate and board the derelict, but were still taking the cargo to their ship when Megatron arrived.

"Tales of the Beast Hunters Chapter 5"

The pair sent a distress call, resulting in Optimus Prime GroundBridging to the derelict to aid them.

"Tales of the Beast Hunters Chapter 6"

Unknown to either side during the raging battle, the Predacon Lazerback secretly planted explosives around the derelict, causing massive destruction when they detonated. Megatron was lost in the explosion, but the Autobots managed to escape with the weapons.

"Tales of the Beast Hunters Chapter 22"

Megatron remained trapped in the wreckage of the derelict until he found an ancient weapon that used the surrounding metal to reconfigure him into a new and more powerful form.

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