Derek Yaniger is an American artist, who drew parts of the Generation 2 comics. He was originally on board as the main artist, but after he failed to meet deadlines he was replaced by Manny Galan, and instead pencilled the shorter secondary stories in the book. By the end of the run, he was replaced as secondary artist by Geoff Senior.

Today he sells original artwork heavily influenced by the illustration styles and Tiki culture of the 1950s.


  • Japanese artist Hidetsugu Yoshioka made a distinct effort to emulate Yaniger's art style for the Japanese Generation 2 story pages and mini-comics, and the THS-02B Black Convoy figure comes with additional alternate heads (intended for use with the THS-02) that are based on Yaniger's cover art for issue #1 of the G2 comic, coming in both clean and "battle-damaged" versions.

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