Depth Charge is a Transmetal Maximal from the Beast Wars portion of the Generation 1/Beast Era continuity family.

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The CGI model of Depth charge, most likely about to spear a certain crab

Depth Charge is a powerful but insubordinate Maximal whose singular goal in life is to hunt down and either capture or destroy Protoform X. He has a joyless, insatiable lust for justice.

French name: Torpille
Spanish name: Manta Raya
Italian name: Abyssal


Beast Wars

Voice Actor David Sobolov (US), Kiyoyuki Yanada (Japan)

Depth Charge was a security officer on Colony Omicron when Protoform X broke free and went on a rampage. As the colony's sole survivor, Depth Charge made hunting down "X" his only mission in life. Pursuing Protoform X to places throughout the Universe (including Starbase Rugby) Depth Charge successfully captured Protoform X, and turned him over to the Maximal Elders. The Elders decided that Protoform X should be placed in stasis aboard the Axalon and dumped on an uninhabited world.

Knowing that "Primal would screw it up", Depth Charge continued to monitor the Universe for any trace of Protoform X. The sensors on his Starhopper picked up traces of Protoform X just as he was pulled through a temporal anomaly. The resulting crash left him on prehistoric Earth with a transmetal Manta Ray body, and put him right in the middle of the Beast Wars.

Depth Charge became a wild card for the Maximals. They never knew if he could be counted on, as his pursuit of Rampage always took precedent. Throughout the entire third season of beast wars he tracked Rampage's spark (And Dinbot 2's later on, though this was not completely intentional)through the use of his cybershark drone. This hunt of rampage however usually ended up getting the maximals in trouble. An Example is the case of the episode changing of the guard (where his refusal to directly join in the capture of sentinal resulted in its loss).

However Depth charge would comply with the maximals from time to time. When Depth charge was called forth to stop Megatron from launching the nemesis he followed the order, for even he knew how important it was to stop Megatron. Ironically it was Rampage who found depth charge on this mission forcing him into a battle. The struggle continued which was intensified by the existence of some convienently placed energon crystals which were scattered all over the battlefield. As depth charge grabbed a crystal and forced it into rampage's spark he uttered his final words-

Raw energon! Right through your twisted spark! Take it! Take it straight to the Pit, you stinking piece of slag!"

Eventually rampage stopped struggling and simply began to laugh maniacally as depth charge shoved the energon through his spark. It resulted in a hugh explosion which destroyed both Depth Charge and Rampage. Depth charge had finally suceeded in destroying Rampage, but failed to stop the nemesis.

IDW Beast Wars Comics

Depth Charge was observed emerging from the water by Magmatron and Drill Bit; due to their chronal displacement, they could see him, but he could not see them.


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Beast Wars

  • Depth Charge (Ultra Transmetal, 1998)
Japanese ID number: C-46

[[Image:180px-Csdepthcharge.jpg|right|thumb|180px|I don't think those shields are supposed to be upside down


  • Depthcharge (Ultra, 2004)

Nice Paintjob, or rather it would be is he was turning into a clown car instead of a manta ray

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