This is Denny Clay's relationships to other characters in Transformers: Robots in Disguise.



Russell Clay

Russell is Denny's biological son.

While Russell was not too fond about staying by his father in his scrapyard while his mother was away in Copenhagen, he soon warmed up to the idea after meeting up with the Autobots. While at times they would help their Autobot allies out, Russell appears to get closer with his father and seems to have a fun time in some situations where they would disguise to cover for their Autobot friends or when they have their moments.

In Similarly Different, Russell was irked by his father's snoring which had kept him up all night. Russell decided he needed somewhere of his own to sleep, though as Denny insisted on fixing up an RV for Russell to stay so they can be neighbors, Russell soon realized he was going to set it up as he called "Denny Style". When the RV ended up a wreck, Russell wanted to help his dad fix it up and then they celebrated with Fixit with some disco.

Russell has a strong bond and love for his father as he also looks up to Denny.


Denny and Fixit appear to get along well with each other. Despite their old conflicts in Rumble in the Jungle, they learned to work together and act as true friends in their team.


Denny and Bumblebee get along well as Denny would give Bumblebee some parenting advice when it comes to handling his team. They are good friends in the team.


Denny and Sideswipe get along well as friends in the team.


Denny and Strongarm appear to be good friends in the team.


Denny and Grimlock appear to be good friends in the team.


Denny interacts the least with Drift but they appear to be good friends in the team.

Jetstorm and Slipstream

Denny appear to be good friends with Jetstorm and Slipstream.


Denny interacts the least with Windblade but they both appear to be good friends.

Optimus Prime

Denny and Optimus seem to be good friends.


Larry LaRue


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