How do the Autobots prove they didn't slaughter a group of Decepticons?

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Marvel UK issue #246

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Jeff Anderson
Lettering: Annie Halfacree

  • Originally published: 25th November 1989. Cover date ("off sale") 2nd December 1989.


Note: This story is continued from Underworld!.

The explosion in the underworld has released creatures who have tasted for the first time in many millions of years. Now they want to taste more...

Seawatch has been caught alone by three unnamed Deceptions. They rough him up a bit but then they are attacked by unseen creatures. Seawatch survives but is so terrifed his mind shuts down.

In the repair bay at Autobase Emirate Xaaron details how all three Decepticons had their very life force sucked out of them. But with Seawatch non-responsive it is hard to devise a plan. He dispatches Grimlock, Jazz and Bumblebee to investigate and find proof the Autobots were not responsible, in order to prevent Decepticon reprisals.

Deep underground the Autobots discuss whether to search discreetly or try luring the creatures to them, when they encounter the Decepticons Ruckus, Windsweeper, Sparkstalker and Cindersaur. As a fight breaks out Bumblebee steps back and wonders how to stop the Decepticons from sending more in reprisals. But that can only be done if they can find the culprits...

Two of the demons are not far away, standing right behind Bumblebee!

Note: This story is continued in Dawn of Darkness.


  • This story takes place between the US stories "Skin Deep" and "Yesterday's Heroes!" However it was reprinted before them, and consequently pre-empted the resurrection of Grimlock, Jazz and Bumblebee, due to the US material being interrupted by reprints of old UK stories and thus throwing attempts to make the two strips tie into one another.

Items of note

  • It is unclear how much time has elapsed since the events of "Underworld!"


  • This story was reprinted in the Titan Books trade paperback "Aspects of Evil".
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