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The Demons are a lifeform in the Generation One continuity family.
Demons senior


Known to its modern population as Demons, Cybertron's original inhabitants were sealed away underground by Primus. Except for the occasional escape, they have remained sealed away by Primus's power ever since, known to the surface only in legends.

Demons are very large creatures (towering above Transformers) that can absorb energy without harm, up to direct weapons fire. At least one has demonstrated the ability to breathe fire. They "feed" on Transformers by absorbing their lifeforce, eventually killing them.

However, if a demon absorbs too much energy, it will explode.


Marvel Comics[]

Two of the Demons escaped from their prison following an incident between Tailgate and the Mutants. Some time after killing three Decepticons that beset the Autobot Seawatch, they were destroyed by Emirate Xaaron, who consulted ancient Cybertronian lore to find their weaknesses. Demons!

After Primus's death, another group of the Demons escaped. They were defeated by Grimlock, who consulted his fist down their throats. (The reinvigorated power of Grimlock's life-force following his sudden conversion to an Action Master may have also played a hand -- the demons were repulsed by his 'light'.) Still Life!


The Mini-Cons killed them dead. It was jolly good fun.


  • The appearance of the Demons differs, wildly, depending on the artist.
  • Cybertronian legend refers to them as "the flipside of the Matrix's good creatures".
  • It is unclear in the stories if the Demons were the original inhabitants of the world Primus fashioned into Cybertron, or an attempt by Primus to create life that predated the Transformers. However, writer Simon Furman later clarified in an interview that he envisioned them as being botched creations of Primus.
  • The demons' origin resemble that of the Trans-Organics in some ways. Both races were built as precursors to the Transformers, but locked away by their creators.

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