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This article is about the Constructicon who is not a combiner, for another Constructicon who looks like him, see Scavenger. For other meanings of the name, see Demolishor (disambiguation).

Demolishor (aka Wheelbot) is a monstrous, gyroscopic unicycle of death. His personality is described as thick-headed. He is cowardly when the Decepticons don't have a leader, because he is used to being ordered around by Megatron.


Revenge of the Fallen film[]

Voice Actor: Calvin Wimmer (English, credited as "Wheelbot")

"Don't tell me how to drive, Optimus!"


When N.E.S.T. and the Autobots came to Shanghai, they encountered Demolishor and Sideways. Demolishor transformed and swatted at N.E.S.T. helicopters as he began to make himself mobile before proceeding onto a busy highway. He rolled down with a series of dexterous maneuvers and wheel slams, with utter disregard for ongoing and oncoming traffic alike. He carelessly crushed civilian cars and trucks under his massive, lane-sized wheels, including an unfortunate car that stuck to his tread and was flattened three times over, and a car that he picked up with his claw and flung to its doom. Streetlights, barriers, freeway sign beams, and the road itself were deftly mangled and steamrolled beneath his treads.

Ironhide pursued him, but with little success, so Optimus Prime was released into the fray from a military transport plane. As Demolishor continued squashing oncoming cars by the half-dozen and tossing others off the road, Optimus drove down a bridge overpass that Demolishor was on course to collide with. Demolishor then smashed through the overpass, sending police cars flying into the sides of buildings, just as Optimus transformed and jumped off. Optimus dove onto Demolishor, grabbing onto his head as he continued down the highway, crushing more civilians and police cars with flaming remnants of his tiny metal victims stuck to his treads. As car after unlucky car exploded under him, Optimus told the decepticon to "pull over". Prime shot him repeatedly in the head, while Ironhide grabbed onto Demolishor's bottom wheel and destroyed it, severely injuring the massive Decepticon and causing him to fall off the bridge, narrowly missing some civilian cars, and onto the ground. As Optimus and Ironhide approached him, Demolisher stated: "This is not your planet to rule, The Fallen shall rise again." Optimus Prime then delivered a point-blank blast right through his eye, killing him. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Revenge of The Fallen: The game[]


It's just not Bee's day.


If you thought I was easy to kill in movie, check out the game.

Demolishor appears as a boss in the level Shanghai Waterfront. His ranged attack is launching missiles, and if you get close to him, he does a ground pound. After you destroy him, he will say "This is not your planet to rule, The Fallen shall rise again" to the player, who is playing as Prime.



Rollin', rollin', rollin'
Though the streams are swollen
Keep them doggies rollin'

  • Demolishor (Voyager, 2009)
    • Japanese ID number: RD-03
Demolishor transforms from a Terex Hydraulic Mining Excavator into an unique, gyroscopic humanoid mode with two vertically oriented wheels. The treads possess a slide joint that pops them into wheels and back. His MechAlive gimmick is the silver pieces in his arms rotate when you move the elbow in robot mode or vehicle mode.

  • Shanghai Attack Demolishor (Voyager, 2009)
    • Japanese ID number: RD-19
Shanghai Attack Demolishor is a redeco of his voyager class toy with a color scheme more closely resembles to his appearance in the film.


  • For a long time, Demolishor was thought to be a part of Devastator. However, it is Scavenger who forms the Devastator with other Constructicons. According to Scavenger's legends toy, Demolishor and Scavenger have the same humanoid mode.
  • He was the most prominently featured Transformer in all trailers, but received a pathetically short screentime of four minutes and was very quickly (and quite mercilessly) killed by Prime despite his initial enormous advantage. Reminds you of someone?
  • He moves by alternating between his two gigantic wheels, using the momentum to "push" himself forward. This looks awesome in the movie, but is hard to copy with the toy.
  • He is the second largest Transformer in the film, Devastator in first. (Demolishor is 86 feet tall)
  • In the rough cut of the Shanghai battle, Ironhide is seen jumping onto Demolishor and blowing up his monstrous tire while on the freeway. This WAS shown in the final movie sequence, but only for a second and it is hard to see since it was so dark and blurry.
  • In the game and rough cut, Demolishor can fire missiles. Unfortunately, he doesn't do this in the final film.
  • His toy and concept art is red with white stripes, but he's white with red stripes in the film. Someone make up your mind already. (Demolishor actually has white with red, while Scavenger has red with white; the toy portrays Demolishor's colours the same as Scavenger).
  • IDW comics depicts him as normal excavator, not the gigantic Terex. Thus, he and Scavenger are not looking similar.
  • In the PS2 and Wii version of the game, it is Ironhide who fights and kills Demolisher, not Optimus Prime.

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