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This article is about the Decepticon mad scientist. For the Autobot Aquaspeeder, see Deluge (Autobot).

Deluge is a Decepticon from the Generation 2 section of Generation One continuity family.
G2 Deluge Decepticon cardart

"You can't stop me this time, Batman!"

Deluge is a fully qualified mad scientist, equipped with all the intelligence, skills, and egotistic depravity that such a position requires. He may or may not have a mad cackling laugh or a Siamese cat, but his chinplate does perhaps resemble a goatee.

He is officially a scientific consultant, but prefers to shun the mundane workaday world and spend his days plotting Evil Schemes and designing Doomsday Weapons. His preferred instruments of destruction are not the tried and true missiles or energy weapons other Transformers use, no. An evil genius must maintain his image, you know. Deluge would rather tear apart his enemies with high-pressure fluid jets. How delightfully eccentric of him.

If he ever meets that Autobot do-gooder who shares his name, Deluge will probably use his powers to see that he is torn apart, limb from limb, but not until he reveals his secret, secret plan! HAhaHaHAEha!


Generation One & 2

  • Deluge (Color-Changer, 1993)
A redeco of the European Autobot Aquaspeeder Speedstream, Deluge transforms into an Indy style race car with a blue and white deco. His weapon is a single-barreled water pistol formed from his car-mode spoiler/engine. He also has stickers on each side of the driver's seat that read "M. Edminson".

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