Delta Team was an Autobot combat unit Arcee served with before transferring to Team PrimeTailgate was also a member of the team.


During the Great War

During a battle on Cybertron, Arcee requested rendezvous points from Team Delta, while bantering with Tailgate: he had failed to tag a sniper at an artillery depot, forcing her to break rank and engage the enemy hand-to-hand. Before she could regroup at his position, Arcee was captured by Airachnid and tortured for information. She proved too resilient, so Airachnid brought in the wounded Tailgate and killed him, despite her desperate pleas that she knew nothing about what the Decepticon wanted. As Airachnid was about to dispense with Arcee, Bumblebee and Cliffjumper burst in, forcing her to take flight. As the duo took away Arcee, she was in hysterics about her inability to save her partner. [1]

Arcee and Cliffjumper used a net work that Arcee claimed Delta Team had used earlier in the war to stop Shockwave's Space Bridge plan.[2]

The team's fate is currently unknown.

Notable Members




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