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Defensor is an Autobot from the Universe conflict.

Great. NOW you've pissed him off!

Defensor is the sum of six Autobot Micromaster Protectobots: Groove, First Aid, Hot Spot, Prowl, Red Alert, and Streetwise. Defensor's personality, like that of his components, is unknown.

Of course, being a combiner composed entirely of Micromasters, Defensor is only of slightly larger than average height, as Transformers go. (Unlike Sixturbo, to whom he is nearly identical.) However, this size boost seems to be enough to let his components go toe-to-toe with opponents they could not handle individually.



Defensor was one of the Transformers freed from the prisons inside the Cauldron deep within Unicron. He presumably escaped and either returned to his timeline of origin or joined Optimus Primal's Children of Primus against Unicron's minions.



Defensor is a very slight redeco of the Generation One Sixturbo team, and was never available as a complete packaged set. The six individual members of Defensor were packaged separately, available originally as exclusives to Kay-Bee stores, but later appeared in Sears stores during the Christmas season (Kay-Bee partnered with Sears, a chain that usually doesn't have a toy department), as well as being available online at K-Mart's web site.

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