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The name or term Defensor refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Defensor (disambiguation).

The combined form of the five Protectobots, Defensor exists specifically to safeguard human life. In many ways he feels about the human race the way a parent would their children and he would give his life away in an instant rather than let one human come to harm. Defensor is emotionally attached to humans on a level that sometimes worries his fellow Autobots. He identifies with them the same way a sheep dog would with its flock or a puppy with its human owners. As far as Defensor is concerned the humans are his "kind." Sadly the titanic robot giant's attempts at personal interaction and friendly exchanges with humans tend to fail. We humans tend to be more wary and frightened of his alien nature and great size than Defensor can understand. Despite this, Defensor is fairly well adjusted mentally compared to almost every other Gestalt.

Defensor's most notable ability is a powerful force field he can create within 50ft of his person, but it is very fuel consumptive and he cannot maintain it for long.

Defensor is composed of:

Additionally, Defensor has a host of auxiliary components who can fill in when a core Protectobot is injured or indisposed. These other secondary, but replaceable members for the Protectobots include Rook, Medix, Heatrock, Skyfeather, and even Ratchet. Sometimes Groove cedes his place as a limb to one of the substitutes and instead forms a chest plate for the combiner, whilst another specific combination results in God Guardian.

In one universe, Defensor is not formed from the Protectobots at all, but another team known as the Rescuebots.

Foreign names[]

Japanese name: Guardian (ガーディアン, Gādian)
Italian name: Guardian (Headmasters dub only)
Serbian name: Defensor
Mandarin name: Bǎowèizhě (Taiwan, 保衛者, "Guardian"), Shǒuhùshén (China, 守护神, "Protector God")
Russian name: Detector (Детектор Detektor)



Marvel Comics continuity[]

Optimus Prime and Megatron met at a fuel research station with the Protectobots and the Combaticons, planning to brawl over it. When Ethan Zachary suggested they uploaded themselves to the computer to battle over it safely, both sides agreed.

In the virtual world, after each individual Protectobot had taken care of a Combaticon, they combined to fight Megatron, leaving Optimus Prime safely off to the side. Defensor burned the bridge he and Megatron were standing on, letting them both 'die' in the virtual world. Afterdeath

Not long after, the Protectobots were summoned by the current leader Grimlock to find and arrest Blaster. They came up against the Combaticons during this mission, culminating in a battle between Defensor and Bruticus. Ultimately Bruticus defeated Defensor by beating him over the head with an entire train. Child's Play

Cartoon continuity[]

Voice actor: Chris Latta (US), Kenyu Horiuchi (Japan)
BOT Defensor forcefield

By the power of Grayskull!

Defensor once reduced Bruticus to scrap with a single shot, dryly noting afterwards that "there's junk all over the street." Later, he attempted to defend the Autobot headquarters against Decepticon attack by using his forcefield, which almost immediately failed. He was blasted back into his component parts by the Decepticons. B.O.T.

G1 UltimateWeapon Defensorcatchestrain

Alternate sequence for "Marge vs the Monorail" climax

In the year 2006, when First Aid was unable to prevent the theft of Metroplex's transformation cog, he left the Protectobots, feeling that he was useless and a liability to the rest of the Autobots. Unfortunately, this left the remaining Protectobots with the unenviable task of resuming their duties as Defensor with only one arm. Defensor safely managed to catch a train thrown by the Decepticons, but remarked that this would have been a lot easier if First Aid had been there. The Ultimate Weapon

When the Decepticons staged a series of nonsensical raids across Japan, Defensor fought his nemesis Bruticus outside a dojo. After defeating Bruticus he tried to dissuade him from bringing harm to the humans, but failed. The Burden Hardest to Bear

Later that year, Defensor attempted to defend a city against the Hate Plague infected Superion. His efforts to keep the Aerialbot combiner from infecting him didn't last long, though. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1

Japanese cartoon continuity[]

Scramble City[]

ScrambleCity Defensor

Posing for the camera while Superion gets a butt-whupping.

The Protectobots rolled out ahead of Metroplex and formed Defensor just as Bruticus and Menasor moved in for the kill for Optimus Prime's forces. He stood there and pointed at them with justice, which did not seem to impress the Decepticons, until Metroplex arrived to blow them away with a single shot from his gun. Scramble City

The Headmasters cartoon[]

Voice actor: Kōji Totani, Yoshitada Ōtsuka (ep. 12 only)

The Mystery of Planet Master, A Dream Is Born, Double Prime, Operation Cassette, Return of the Immortal Emperor, SOS from Planet Sandra, The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg, Miraculous Warriors, Targetmasters (Part 1), Operation: Destroy the Destrons, The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 1), The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 2)

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Dreamwave comics continuity[]

Defensor fought Devastator in the Tagan Heights during the Dark Ages. The War Within: The Dark Ages

He later tried to prevent Menasor from escaping a detention facility Passive Aggression and joined the Autobots in rising up against Shockwave's rule. Revelation


Generation One[]

G1defensor toy


  • Defensor (1986)
    • Japanese ID number: C-76
Defensor is formed out of the five individual Protectobots, with Hot Spot serving as the central torso component. Unusually for Scramble City-style combiners, Defensor's head is not a separate piece, but hidden inside his fire truck ladder assembly, like Inferno. He is armed with Hot Spot's twin laser rifles. Though any of the smaller Protectobots can serve as any limb, the "correct" configuration has Blades and First Aid as arms, and Groove and Streetwise as legs.
Defensor's arms are very commonly mis-transformed, even in official artwork such as the box art above (in which Streetwise and First Aid have also reversed positions). The instructions (and the cartoon model) show the nose of Blades' helicopter form, and the front panel of First Aid's ambulance mode, unfolded to hang off of Defensor's shoulders (as shown at right.) But almost as frequently, both these components are shown folded away. First Aid's legs are often not unfolded properly as well, giving Defensor a shorter arm than he would otherwise have.
Defensor was available as the individual Protectobots sold separately, or as a giftset.
This mold was later redecoed into Guard City.

Generation 2[]

The Protectobots were to be released as part of the second wave of combiners in Generation 2 toyline, and naturally would have been able to form Defensor. However, this entire wave was ultimately canceled for unknown reasons.

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