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Designed to tunnel deep underground, Deep Earth Scouts are small hovering drones equipped with a cutting laser and an array of sensory equipment. They were designed and built by Woodrow Burns to aid in his hunt for evidence of the existence of aliens.

"High grade titanium, laser drill, self-propulsion and sonar tracking? That's quite a device, Uncle Woodrow!"
Graham Burns


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"What Lies Below"

Woodrow built six Deep Earth Scouts and dispatched them around the world. One ended up beneath Griffin Rock, where it took recordings and images that excited Woodrow enough that he returned to the island to continue the search in person. Unfortunately the DES accidentally activated as he was getting off the Griffin Rock ferry, and caused substantial damage with its laser drill before the Rescue Bots stopped it. Woodrow caught up in time to deactivate it before they used more permanent means to do so, and later used its projector to show the rest of the family what it had recorded. Chief Burns remained unconvinced, and forbade use of the town's tunneler.

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