Decepticons at the Pole is the seventh in the Ladybird Books series of Transformers storybooks.


Lacking enough energy to assemble a major offensive operation against the Autobots, the Decepticons investigate the natural energy sources of Nebulos, learning that the planet derives the vast majority of its power from a steady stream of cosmic radiation emitted by a pulsar at the edge of the galaxy. Under the supervision of Aimless, a gigantic energy interceptor is assembled at the North Pole, where the pulsar energy is at is most concentrated.

Concerned over the lack of Decepticon attacks in the last few weeks, the Autobots soon discover the villains’ plan, and learn that it will mean the death of Nebulos itself if the Decepticons deprive the planet of its steady flow of cosmic energy. Hot Rod begs Cyclonus to stop, but the Decepticon brushes off Hot Rod's warnings, forcing the Autobots to take action. A task force led by Brainstorm distracts the Decepticons guarding the interceptor while the small Nebulans attach demolition charges to it, bringing the structure crashing down.

Beginning their scheme again, the Decepticons move their entire base – Scorponok – to the North Pole to ensure the interceptor will be adequately protected. Well aware of their enemies’ movements, the Autobots enact “Operation Heatwave,” formulated by Brainstorm, to put a stop to their energy theft. Taking up strategic positions around Scorponok, the Autobots offer Cyclonus a chance to give up, but when he refuses, they open fire on the permafrost with thermal lasers, melting it into mud and slime. As Decepticon warriors struggle to fight back through the mire, the interceptor collapses and explodes, releasing all the captive energy. When Scorponok himself begins to sink, the Autobots leave their foes to rescue themselves and head back to base.

Items of note

  • This is the first book in the Ladybird series to feature Nebulos and the concepts and characters that are associated with it. As with the previous shift in setting, the story of the book itself is set in a time when this new change in status quo is already well-established. However, even the introductory blurb for the book offers little in the way of detail, simply making the point that the war has moved to this “far flung corner of the galaxy.”
  • Interestingly, the blurb implies that "many centuries" have passed since the Transformers’ awakening on Earth, suggesting that their Nebulos adventures take place far into the future.
  • All indications of this story suggest that Hot Rod leads the Autobots, while Cyclonus is in charge of the Decepticons. Wild.
  • Hot Rod's Nebulan partner - normally known as Firebolt - is here named "Sparks," as in Marvel's Headmasters comic book mini-series.#



Decepticons at the Pole by John Grant - 1988 Transformers Audiobook

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