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The last of the Godmasters now enters on the stage!

Japanese title: "デストロンの大逆襲!"


Overlord fires his "A.O. Laser Cannon" from the top of Qomolangma, a mountain, to attack places worldwide, including the United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and Japan. Overlord says they will build their new home in the United States. Wilder suggests taking the land of the Soviet Union as their yard. Bullhorn thinks the United Kingdom could be their villa. Cancer pines for Japan.

God Ginrai arrives at the top of Qomolangma to stop the Decepticons, but Overlord fires his A.O. Laser Cannon at him. God Ginrai separates into Super Ginrai and Godbomber to avoid the laser, but Doubleclouder suddenly appears and uses a mirror to reflect the laser. Ginrai takes the brunt of the laser to protect the Headmaster Juniors who pilot Godbomber. The laser injures Ginrai and blinds him temporarily.

While the Decepticons are having their moments, Doubleclouder asks them which place he can take. Overlord says he will take Qomolangma and Cancer mocks Clouder's beast mode by saying the place is suitable for a bird's nest. In rage, Doubleclouder decides to join the Autobots, transforming into Autobot form and destroying Overlord's A.O. Laser Cannon, then going to help Ginrai. Ginrai is surprised at the joining of a new warrior.

Ginrai and Godbomber combine into God Ginrai. The Autobot Headmaster Juniors guide Ginrai by telling him where the enemy is, helping him successfully defeat Overlord and crushing Giga and Mega out of the Transtector.

Ginrai's eyes recover shortly after. He thanks Doubleclouder for his help. Doubleclouder replies that he will help them from now on for justice.

At Decepticon headquarters, Giga believes Clouder's betrayal is the result of not giving Clouder enough love and concern. Mega comforts Giga by stating that they could give Antarctica to Clouder next time, making the Decepticon Headmaster Juniors jealous.

In the Autobot headquarters, Minerva cooks a bowlful of fried rice for Clouder.

In space, Devil Z is secretly upgrading BlackZarak. It is revealed that Scorponok, the former leader of the Decepticons, is actually inside the chest of BlackZarak—BlackZarak is a headless Headmaster.


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Items of note

  • Russia is called the "Soviet Union" in this issue because the manga was drawn in the year 1988, before the Dissolution of the Soviet Union in the year 1991.
  • God Ginrai uses the term "Bomber Off" to separate into Super Ginrai and Godbomber.
  • Godbomber has facial expressions even though he is just a robot piloted by the Autobot Headmaster Juniors.
  • God Ginrai's arm components are able to be launched like Mazinger Z's Rocket Punch.
  • BlackZarak's identity is confirmed as Scorponok in this issue. This was never confirmed in the Super-God Masterforce anime.
  • How the Autobots treat Clouder in the Super-God Masterforce manga is extremely different from the Super-God Masterforce anime. Look, Minerva even cooks for him! He is really a lucky boy.
  • Lesson of the issue: Never make fun of Doubleclouder, especially his condor mode.
  • The secret of Black Zarak's updating will be revealed in the final issue.
  • Special moves in this issue:
    • Double God End (Clouder)
    • Super-Soul God Punch Shoot (God Ginrai)
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