Decepticon guards are Decepticon... guards in the Marvel Books portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Guess Jose Delbo wasn't the only one confused.

Decepticon guards line the entrance to the Decepticon hideout. They look a little familiar, but don't be deceived! These 'Cons are countless and disposable.


The Autobots' Secret Weapon hardcover storybook

When Sunstreaker was kidnapped, Sludge, Slag, and Sideswipe were sent to retrieve him from the Decepticon hideout. Here they encountered a pair of "Decepticon guards," who were quickly disposed of.

Inside the hideout, Sideswipe tried to pull the same battle maneuver he used on the guards on Devastator. To Sideswipe's surprise, Devastator is in a larger weight class. The Autobots' Secret Weapon

Note: Later, a single Decepticon using the same model makes several appearances, colored more closely like Soundwave, but still lacking the faceplate. It is unknown whether this is actually Soundwave or yet another Decepticon guard.
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