A War Machine in Iacon

The Decepticon War Machines are three-legged machines that dispense Dark Energon to damage enemies. They can also launch rockets and lasers to defend themselves. Before Megatron brought them to Cybertron, they had only been seen in the archives by Autobots such as Optimus, who never thought that they would be used in reality.

They were first seen on board the station that was commanded by Starscream in the first mission of the Decepticon campaign. They can later be seen in the first mission of the Autobot campaign spread around Iacon. They constantly release Dark Energon and fire their missiles. Only two can be fought and destroyed but if you get too close to any of the others they will fire on you.


  • Some units have lights on the joints of their legs. These lights indicate additional armor. This armor requires that you remove it first before you can target the chest and destroy the machine.
  • They release the Dark Energon by first bracing their legs and then performing a pumping action that impacts the ground and releases the energon.
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