The Decepticon Trailer Brigade is a Decepticon subgroup from the manga portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The definition of Trailer Trash.

The Decepticon Trailer Brigade is a subgroup of the Decepticons consisting of Motormaster and Onslaught, who both transform into trailer-hauling vehicles. The pair are capable of utilizing the "Decepticon Trailer Combination" which merges them into the "Decepticon Great Wheel", a whirling cyclone of destruction.

The Decepticon Great Wheel can be defeated by jumpkicks.


Fight! Super Robot Life Transformer manga

After impersonating the Autobots to create an atmosphere of distrust among the humans and hopefully drive them toward servitude to the Decepticons, Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Tailgate and Kenji quickly revealed their true identities as the Decepticon Trailer Brigade to the world. Motormaster and Onslaught were prepared to fight their enemies in an all-out brawl, only to discover their reinforcements, the Stunticons and the Combaticons had retreated and their only other source of aid, Rumble and Frenzy, had been defeated.

Not willing to give up, Onslaught and Motormaster utilized the Decepticon Trailer Combination to form the Decepticon Great Wheel. Prime and Magnus were unable to defend themselves, as the Decepticon Great Wheel was spinning so fast they couldn't get a clear shot. Kenji then brainstormed and ordered Hot Spot and Inferno to lift the Wheel off the ground and bat it toward Prime and Magnus. Catching the pair off guard, Prime and Magnus were able to hit them with the "Prime-Magnus Finish Double" and send them hurtling back toward a disgruntled Megatron.

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