Decepticon Super Scramble is an unnamed Decepticon combiner in the Generation One continuity family.

Decepticon Super Scramble is a Decepticon Scramble City-type combiner composed by Transformers from various subgroups.

Decepticon Super Scramble is composed of:

  • Terrorcons
    • Hun-Gurrr , who gives the giant powerful strength. (Torso)
    • Cutthroat, making the giant capable of jumping high. (Right foot)
  • Stunticon
    • Dead End, making the giant capable of using a fierce punch. (Left arm)
  • Combaticons
    • Blast Off, making the giant capable of using high speed punch. (Right arm)
    • Brawl, making the giant capable of standing firmly. (Left foot)

Most of the members are roughnecks, causing conflict much more easily.

His good guy counterpart is Autobot Super Scramble.

Original Japanese name: Destron Super Scramble


Decepticon Super Scramble toy

When you didn't get a complete combiner for Christmas, we all just made something like this and dealt with it. So did Takara, apparently.

There isn't any official release of Decepticon Super Scramble, but it can be created from the toys of Terrorcons, Stunticons, and Combaticons.


His only media appearance is an issue of "TV Magazine" where they made up some bologna justification to put Terrorcons, Stunticons, and Combaticons together.[1]

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