This article is about the combined form of the Micromaster Collection Sixbuilder chase figures. For the combined form of the Universe Micromaster Constructicons, see Constructicon Devastator (Micromaster).

Decepticon Sixbuilder is a Decepticon Micromaster-composed super robot from the Micromaster Collection portion of the Generation One continuity family.


The combined form of the Decepticon Build Team, Decepticon Sixbuilder is an evil version of Sixbuilder on a mission of destruction. He and Sixbuilder were apparently once one and the same, but were split into separate robots at some point; the details of this are unknown. He intends to recombine with the Autobot Sixbuilder someday, after all other Autobots have been destroyed.

Decepticon Sixbuilder's component robots are all green copies of Sixbuilder's component robots, and consist of...

Note: Only Mixmaster was actually named in the fiction. However, since the team is clearly a homage to the Constructicons, it can be assumed that the other names probably match up with the Japanese Constructicons as well. It is not known whether there is any further connection between the two teams.
Original Japanese name: Destron Sixbuilder


Micromaster Collection story

The Decepticon Build Team appeared seemingly out of nowhere, causing random destruction. Upon meeting Sixbuilder, Decepticon Sixbuilder claimed to be the result of the original Sixbuilder Team being somehow split apart into two complete sets; one developed as a team of Autobots, the other as six Decepticons. He stated his intention to recombine with him someday, then left.

The team later showed up to attack the Autobot Micromasters stationed at Mount St. Hilary, but they were repelled by the newly-arrived Multiforce.


Micromaster Collection

  • Sixbuilder (Micromaster, 2002)
In 2002, the entire Sixbuilder team was re-released as part of the Micromaster Collection, in individual boxes with a number visible to show which mold was inside each box. For this release, all of the decals from the original version were replaced with paint applications. In addition, the plastic colors of all six components were changed, although the combiner kibble was left in its original colors. Sixbuilder could only be assembled by buying all six components individually; he was never offered as a complete set.
In every case of twelve Build Team Micromasters, two of them were solid-green-plastic variations—the Destron Sixbuilder team. All six Micromasters were available in this manner, and could be combined into Destron Sixbuilder.
This version of the team was used to make Universe Micromaster Constructicon Devastator.

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