Scavengers (RID)

Under Clawtrap's ultimate leadership, no trick is to dirty for the Decepticon  Scavengers, who collects any old Cybertronian Relics. ​This scuzzy Decepticon crew makes a living stealing—ahem, salvaging the Autobot relics and technology left over from the Great War, and to them Earth is a treasure trove just waiting to be exploited. Under Clawtrap's tight-fisted leadership, there's no trick too dirty or move too underhanded when it comes to defending their findings from their foes.

Recently, they've struck up a partnership with a group of strange "Weaponizer" Mini-Cons, although the slightly more altruistic Mini-Cons view this as a partnership of convenience, not particularly happy about working with a gang of violent Decepticons.


Clawtrap (leader)




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