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Decepticon Miners are servant-class Decepticons, working on Megatron's various Energon mining projects. As they're not warrior-class, the Autobots don't kill them indiscriminately like they do to the Vehicons.

Despite this, Miners possess the same weapons as the Vehicons and are capable of defending themselves and their work, if necessary. It is unclear what their altmodes are.

In the three years Megatron was wandering around space, the Decepticon Miners were constantly at work mining energon on Earth. After Megatron used Dark Energon to raise Cliffjumper, the zombified Autobot trashed a couple of Miners. The Autobots detected Cliffjumper's life signal and invaded the Nebraskan mine, encountering heavy resistance from the Miners as they did so. Though some of the Miners even used drills as offensive weapons, the Autobots destroyed pretty much all of them in their search and the mine was destroyed by Starscream.

A Decepticon Miner was working on a large drilling machine to help harvest energon on Earth, along with some Vehicons. However, a Synthetic Energon-enhanced Ratchet led an unexpected assault on the group, to which the Decepticon Miner responded by climbing up a cliff in front of his machine. Ratchet easily followed and incapacitated him with a large boulder, then proceeded to interrogate the miner. Despite trying to act tough with his "potty mouth", Ratchet simply used his blowtorch to torment the answers out of him. It worked. His cries for help, caused by Ratchet's aggressive act of burning the right side of his face, brought the attention of the other Autobots to his location and he was saved by Optimus Prime, whose proclamation of Ratchet going too far stopped the latter from impaling the poor miner with his blade.

Breakdown later told a miner about a Decepticon spider that he liked. The miner was presumably destroyed when Ratchet kicked the living daylights out of Breakdown. More miners were destroyed when the Autobots came to rescue Ratchet. Stronger, Faster After Dark Energon began spewing from a volcano, the miners were set to work gathering it up and storing it in the Nemesis hold.

Four miners accompanied Knock Out and an Insecticon to recover a relic in the subways beneath Manhattan. They managed to find the device, but when Arcee and Bumblebee arrived, the miners were all dispatched by the Autobots.

Miners were used to excavate an Iacon relic and eventually dug up the Star Saber.

Some miners were in an energon mine that Wheeljack blew up in an attempt to kill a giant metal dragon. Prey A number of Insecticons arrived at an energon mine reported to be under attack, but encountered only confused miners.

Miners were used in the Decepticon effort to uncover viable fossil remains of the lost Predacons. 


  • Decepticon Miners have a similar appearance to the Vehicons, but are a light shade of purple, have different kibble, and have dual optical bands on their faces, unlike the Vehicons' single triangular ones.
  • Like Vehicons, despite being referred to as drones, Miners do actually appear to be sentient to some degree. In particular, the Miner whom Ratchet tortured for information in "Stronger, Faster" went so far as to verbally insult Ratchet before reacting with genuine pain at said torture, with Optimus stopping Ratchet from executing the Miner in a manner that seemed to imply they were more than just mass-produced units.


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