"Find. Kill. Clense"
―DJD motto.

The Decepticon Justice Division, or DJD for short, is a sadistic special ops unit that works within the ranks of the Decepticon army. There goal is to despatch any one who has failed, gone against, or betrayed Megatron.

Any Decepticon that has sone this, ends up on "The List", and are pursued by the DJD in their ship, the Peaceful Tyranny. Once they have found them, they punish them. With extreme prejudice. Several of the members of the unit, have instruments of torture built into their frames, or even turn into one.

The DJD are:


IDW Generation 1 Continuity

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  • The planet Messatine is on the edge of their territory.
  • Each of the members of the DJD are named after a different Decepticon City state. James Roberts, author of More than Meets the Eye, described that when a member of the team dies, their replacement takes the name.
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