The small Decepticon Fighter is viewed in Transformers 3:Dark of the Moon, and in Transformers 4: Age of Extinction as a more upgraded version.


Low above water fighter

A Small Fighter Flying low above the Water in Chicago.

The small Decepticon Fighter is the smallest of all of the Fighters. its small size makes it very fast. It's job is to patrol the City, usually in groups of one-three. They have full 360 degree rotating Engines, and two medium-sized gun emplacements. They have four different Machine guns, and one missile launcher. They are also good at flying low over water. They usually guard the rivers and Drawbridges. They are not as many small fighters as there is other fighters, though. There are more Medium-Sized Fighters then the Small Fighters. There engines have turbines in front to help them hover over the water.

3 small fighters

Small Fighters in a Group of 3

Close-up front of fighter

A close-up of a Small Fighter and its Turbines

They aren't very big in length, or width. or height. Their cockpits are heavily armored for pilot protection. They basically look like a swamp boat, but with huge armored engines and machine guns. They aren't so good when it comes to destroying buildings. There known specialty is attacking infantry and human vehicles.

Small fighters also have a ability to cling onto a building, just like the Tactical Fighters. They will flip 180 degrees, facing straight down, The engines will flip upwards, pushing the fighter towards the building. They will then cling on, and stay put. If an enemy passes by, the fighter will detach, reconfigure, and pursue them. You can see 3 of these fighters attached to the Willis Tower in Transformers 3.

The Fighters refuel in Decepticon Carrier Ships using Latch doors.

The Interceptor has 3 reconfigure modes:

  • Guard Mode
  • The guns will fold in, and the engines will fold out, then down, making a horizontal-shaped position.
  • Attack Mode
  • The guns will fold out, and the engines will fold out, making a medium sized fighter position.
  • Cling Mode
    Fighter-cling on wall-0

    3 small fighters attached to the Willis Tower

  • The Guns will fold in, and the engines will slide downwards, and face downwards, making the fighter perfectly straight.


Dark of the Moon Film

Small fighter destroyed

A small fighter smashes into the building and explodes.

In the Dark of the Moon, the Small fighters invade Chicago with the rest of the deception Armada. They are most recognizable in a number of scenes.

Small fighetrs trying to shoot nexts winguit-men

Three small fighters open fire upon the Wing-suiters, only hitting and killing one of them.

The most recognizable is when NEST deploys a number of Wingsuiters in order to get into the City. Three interceptors start pursuing them. They open fire, hitting one soldier, who falls to his death. They swerve through the city, while the Interceptors attempt to shoot them. they miss several times, causing furthermore destruction to the city. The Wingsuiters then fly through a collapsed building, causing the Fighters to crash into the building, and out the other side. the fighter flips out of control, and destroys its engine. The result ends with the Fighters' other engine to fly out of control and smash into another building.
2 fighters patroling the biudling

Two small fighters approaching Hudson Tower

Small fighters pass by

The Small fighters pass by, not noticing the team.

Another scene is when Sam, Carly and Epps are in the Hudson tower, when Carly shouts when two interceptors pass by the building. The team hides from the Fighters. Luckily, the small fighters miss them, and pass the building. But a larger fighter soon comes later, the pilot, suspecting something, jumps into the building.

Attacking helicopter thang

A Small Fighter can be seen out the window of the V-22 Opsrey helicopter.

Flys past helicopter thang

The small Fighter shoots down the First helicopter, while flying past it.

In another scene, NEST Sends a group of V-22 Opsrey Helicopters to Chicago. But on their way there, one Large Fighter and two Interceptors fly in and open fire. They hit one Helicopter in the Engine. The engine bursts into flames, and, because of the force of one of its engines, the helicopter flips and plummets towards another V-22 Opsrey helicopter. The two Helicopters collide,blowing up the second Helicopter, and then sending both Helicopters to the Ocean.

There is a small scene where three small fighters cling onto the side of the Willis Tower.

Age of Extinction

Upgraded small fighter in transformers 4

The Upgraded small fighters as seen in Transformers 4

Upgraded fighter

The Upgraded Small fighters Blue Turbines as seen in Transformers 4

Upgraded fighters in pursuit

The upgraded small Fighters fly under the Bridge in pursuit

Upgarded fighter destroyed

The Upgraded Small Fighter explodes

In Transformers 4, There are upgraded versions of the interceptor. They are much larger, and have bigger engines. Their turbines are blue instead of copper, and they have open cockpits. They have better firepower, speed, and strength. They also have a different thruster effect. They have purple and white rocket flames instead of orange. In the film, they appear for a short scene. There are only two of these upgraded interceptors seen. They pursue Bumblebee and Crosshairs, who are in there Hijacked fighter under a bridge. Cade and Shane open fire and destroy the first Upgraded small fighter, causing it to hit a pillar, and tumble upwards off the bridge, causing it to explode. They opened fire on the Second Fighter, hitting its engine, causing to flip over and over under the bridge, sending the Pilot flying. The engines both became detached, and as a result, the whole fighter explodes,causing fire to fly everywhere, nearly scorching Cade and Shane.


  • In Transformers 4, they use the same small fighter design, but with some added upgrades
  • The small fighters are the least used fighter in the entire Decepticon armada
  • These fighters are simliar to Medium Fighters.

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