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The Decepticon Crypt is a location on Cybertron in the Generation One continuity family.

Save Tookie!

The Decepticon Crypt is located beneath the surface of Cybertron. It is the place where the Decepticons either lay the remains of their dead to rest, or simply honor their fallen comrades with markers bearing their likeness.

The requirements for being honored in this manner are anyone's guess, considering the known markers.


Cartoon continuity[]

While being chased by Cyclonus, Scourge and the Sweeps, Octane stumbled into the Decepticon Crypt quite by accident. Within the Crypt he attempted to hide from his pursuers, and was met by the disembodied spirit of Starscream. Starscream's Ghost

Markers within the Crypt[]


His spark ain't the only thing 'bout him that's stone cold


A large statue of Megatron hovers over the entrance to the Crypt. Megatron's statue was either built before the arrival of Galvatron at Starscream's coronation (which would be pretty impressive, really, unless they'd been planning for it well beforehand), or indicates that the Decepticons view those who have been reformatted as "dead".


Gray is the new blue!


Thundercracker's marker can be seen prominently in the Crypt. Octane considered hiding behind his marker, but out of respect/fear, decided not to.


Octane's a big leg fan.


Starscream's marker is represented by only a pair of legs, oddly. It is possible that construction of his marker was halted when Unicron attacked Cybertron shortly after his death and never completed due to the Decepticons being driven from the planet. Or, being a jerk that procured such an important Decepticon rank to match the jerktitude (which includes throwing out your pre-formatted leader), his marker would have just been a pair of poorly made feet. It is also possible it was a dark joke on the part of the Decepticons who remember him being reduced to a pair of smoking shins by Galvatron.

For context, a pair of boots are traditionally used by the U.S. Military to commemorate a traitorous commander for actions taken prior to their betrayal. Revolutionary General Benedict Arnold was "honored" in this way at the Battle of Saratoga historic site.

(Note: It's also possible some wage-slave just screwed up and forgot the other cel with the rest of his body on it, or that the shot was supposed to be closer-in.)


Prophetic Jerk

Inscribed upon this dude's marker is a terrible prophecy: "Death comes to anyone who hides behind my marker". Jerk.

Oddly prophetic jerk.

Octane's somewhat sarcastic recitation of the line suggests that it may not literally be what is inscribed upon the marker - it sounds for all the world like he's poking fun at the morose Dirge. It's quite possible the writer intended for this to be his marker, and the background artists didn't get the memo. Of course... Dirge was alive at the time. So... yeah.


Bloodron actually sleeps inside this thing.


Bloodron has a marker in the Decepticon Crypt and one in the Hall of Heroes, too.

Floron guardian

If you hide behind his marker, you're a racist.


Floron is honored with a place in the Decepticon Crypt and in the Hall of Heroes.

Mortron marker

This was no boating accident, this was Murdron!


Murdron managed to earn himself a cozy spot within the Crypt and the Hall of Heroes as well.