Decepticon carrier ships are very large Decepticon spaceships that attacked Chicago. There were several of these ships, only one gets destroyed, by Wheelie and Brains.


Latch doors-2

The Latch Doors

Latch doors

Latch doors

The Tractor Beam

The Carriers are the largest ships in Dark of the Moon. There is no origin where these ships were first made, expect that they arrived from beneath the Moons surface. There purpose is to carrier Fighters and refuel/repair them inside the ship. Small latch doors underneath and on the side of the ships will open, then activating a Tractor Beam, pulling in fighters through the open Latch doors. The fighters reconfigure/transform into Fuelling Mode, then hang upside down right on the underside of the latch doors. The carrier will refuel, reload, and repair the fighters inside the ship. Once the fighters are ready, the latch doors will open, and the Fighters can flip and reconfigure, ready to battle. It may be possible that Large Decepticon Fighters cant fit through these doors, and they refuel some other way.


Carrier ships tentacles

Carrier Ships tentacles

The Carriers have long, curly moving tentacles that hang just around the Latch door section of the ship. The true purpose of these are unknown, they could be used for movement, and power. Or it is very possible that the tentacles are used to lure the fighters in, like the tractor beam. The tentacles seem to swing and curl a lot, and sway when the ship is moving. These tentacles can also possibly just be loose cables and wires, hanging on the underside of the ship.

Refueling and Repairing

Ounce the fighters are lured in through the latch doors, they will cling on the inside wall of the ship, just above the latch door. Patrol Decepticons watch and guard the inside for any enemy Fighters. Once the fighters cling on, they begin refueling. Long wires and other Decepticon technology will start repairing the Fighter. Once its done repairing, the fighter will be dropped through the latch door, then the ship will wait for the next fighter.

Interior of carrier

The Interior of the carrier. You can see a fighter Refueling to the left.



The Carriers Cockpit

The Interior of the Carrier is very large and roomy. There are large pillars, possibly holding up the roof, or they could be used for piping. There is a large long platform in the middle for Fighter Pilots and Patrols to walk across. The roof is covered in cords,wires and pipes. The cockpit is very small, and covered in wires. Underneath the pathway there is several latch doors for the fighters.

Attack Methods

Carrier fleet

A Carriers Missile Launchers

The only known attack method these ships have is Missiles. It is seen that they fire hundreds of missiles from the small holes under and on top of the Ship. The ships are capable of firing hundreds of these missiles within seconds, and are capable of destroying skyscrapers within minutes. There only other possible known attack method is deploying fighters, which will drop and instantly go into battle.


The carriers never stop moving. They constantly move so at any given time a Fighter can refuel or be repaired. Here are a couple of ways that the Carrier can move:


The movment of the carrier

The wavers

The Carriers have a strange way of movement. They have long wing-looking pieces of metal that sway back and fourth inside the ships exoskeleton in front of the ship. They sway slowly, propelling the ship forward slowly. There are several of these "wings" in front of the ship, and they all look identical. They are protected by the Ships Skeleton-Looking armor in the front of the Ship.


Engines of the carrier ship

The Carriers Engines

The Carriers have 5 engines in the back of the ship. there are four large engines arranged 2-2, and one small triangle shaped small engine beneath it. They are protected by The carriers heavy exo-armor. to help with thrust, large Wing-shaped-spikes are in the path of the engines. These wings can help with steering. The engines can rotate, but the reason for that is unknown.

Even with its large engines, the Carriers don't move very fast at all. Its estimated top speed is 12 MPH. They may fly faster in space.


Close-up of a carrier ship

A good look at a carrier ship

The exterior of a carrier Ship is very strange and curvy. There are many spikes near the back and huge curvy wings near the back. The front curves down and the cockpit is rounded out. There is a skeleton-looking front armor that looks like a rib cage. This rib-cage protects the wavers(see above). The back of the ship is covered in wing-shaped spikes for steering, and the engines are pushed into the armor for protection. Some say that These carriers look like Phantom Class Drop ships from HALO.


Carrier rising out of the moon

A Carrier Rising out of the Moon

Carriers attack on chicagp

Carriers attack on Chicago

In Transformers 3:Dark of the Moon, these ships invade Chicago through a vast fleet. They were risen out of the Moon using Sentinel Primes Space Bridge. They attack Chicago using their missile launchers, Damaging several buildings.

Carrier crashes into biudling

The carrier crashes into a building

Carrier crashes

The carrier Crashes

A little latter in the film, Wheelie and Brains find a crashed fighter. They hijack it and try to fly it around. But a carrier had its tractor beam on, causing them to be sucked into the Latch door. They crashed through, banging against the wall, and landing onto the platform. They both were surprised to see that they were inside a Decepticon carrier. They soon found the cockpit and began ripping out the wires, and destroying the hardware in order to save Bumblebee and the other Autobots. This caused the Carrier to crash into the side of a building, and began tipping over. This also disabled the latch doors, causing the Latch doors to drop Fighters out and onto the Decepticons below. This saved Bumblebee from execution. But soon, the carrier lost all control, and flipped upside down and crashed into a river, destroying the carrier, somehow both Wheelie and Brains survive this.

Throughout the film, you can always see Carriers hovering over Chicago.

Towards the end of the film, Bumblebee destroys the pillar, causing all of the remaining carriers and fighters to be sucked into Cybertron using a blue tractor beam-like laser, destroying the fighters and carriers, and Cybertron with it.

Carrier getting sucked in

Carriers getting sucked into Cybertron


Twril upside-down carrier


  • The same building that the carrier crashes into when Brains and Wheelie hijack it is the same building that gets destroyed by a Fighter that Cade and Shane shoot down in Transformers 4.
  • The long, tentacles that hang underneath these ships are unknown for what purpose they have.
  • Larger fighters can not fit through the latch doors underneath the carriers.
  • Some people think carrier ships look like Phantom Class Dropships from HALO.
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