The Assault Fighters are the largest fighters out of all of the Fighters. It has much more strength, and guns. It is also the slowest.

It appears in Dark of the Moon.


Large fighters spikes

The Spikes that protect the fighters engines.

The largest fightsers guns

The Large Fighters Guns

These fighters have four large guns attached to the front of each engine, and three slightly smaller cannons surrounding them. They have 2 gatling guns mounted under the cannons, but they use their heavy guns for demolishing buildings. Their guns are not very long, making the fighters weaponry not very accurate, but it doesn't matter thanks to the amount of damage put out by them. These fighters also have a unique ability to rotate the barrels of their guns, possibly for aiming purposes. There are two smaller guns on top of the open cockpit.

Size comparison

A size comparison showing a Large fighter(bottom) compared to 2 Small Decepticon Fighters.

These fighters have Six engines, and are protected by spike-like-objects attached to the back of the engines. The engines are arranged in a triangle shape, and are each very large. The fighter is largest in mass, and width, but not length. These fighters rarely fly in groups of one to four, but mostly one to two. They do not fly very high, probably due to its large weight, and it's job. Even though these fighters have six engines, they do not fly very fast. They are the slowest of the fighters, the fighters estimated top speed is 16 MPH. These fighters are also the only fighter that cant building-latch onto buildings. This could be due to its very large weight, and how the fighters are not very long. These fighters also probably cant fit into the Latch doors on Decepticon Carrier Ships, since of its very large size. These fighters are at least two 1/2 times larger than a medium fighter, proving that these fighters are the largest type.


Large fighter right outisde the window

A Large Fighter outside Hudson Tower, suspicious of the team.

2 other large fighters shooting the biudling

Two Large fighters shooting the Building

Decepti-freek jumps in for a visit

The Pilot jumps through the window.

ANOTher 2-group

A 2-group of large fighters

2 group-large fighter

the most common Fighter group, a Two-Group

In Transformers 3:Dark of the Moon, these fighters are seen dozens of times in the film. The most recognizable is when Epps, Carly and Sam, and the team, are hiding inside the Hudson Tower, Two assault fighters start shooting the Hudson Tower, attempting to topple the building, The Two fighters leave, but a little while later, two more assault fighters appear, shooting the side of the building. The assault fighters leave, but a few seconds later, Carl warns the team of two small fighters coming their way. The team hides, while a large fighter fly's up to the window to look inside. The team stays hidden, but The Decepticon Pilot still is suspicious, so he jumps through the glass, and into the building. The team distracts the pilot by throwing two chairs past him, then chucking grenades at his feet. The team escapes by jumping out the window, and sliding down the building. It is unknown what happens to the Decepticon Pilot.
Large Fighter attempting to shoot NEST

a Large Fighter attempting to shoot down NEST V-22 Heliopter.

Another 2-gorup

A 2-group of large Fighters attacking Chicago

The second most recognizable moment with large fighters is when NEST try's to enter Chicago with V-22 Opsrey helicopters, but on the way, A large fighter spots them, and attempts to fire at them. The Large fighter misses, but a small fighter shoots down a Helicopter, causing it to fall into another Helicopter, destroying both helicopters.

The Large fighter is also visible in several scenes in the

film, if you pay close attention, you can see them in several scenes, patrolling Chicago.
Another 4-gorup

A 4-group of large fighters


  • The Large fighters are the second least used fighters in the film.
  • The Large fighters have the most powerful guns out of all the fighters.
  • The Large fighters can not wall-cling like the others.
  • The Large fighters do not reconfigure/transform like the other Fighters.

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