Decepticlones are the common enemies in the Transformers (PS2) video game.

Marching in the street, dragging iron feet...

The Decepticlones follow a simple directive: Destroy all Autobots, no matter the cost. To create Decepticlones, a special device scans a Transformer, then uses his or her base schematics to design a stripped-down drone. Large-scale Decepticlone production can be done in manufacturing plants, but there are also portable units that can assemble one Decepticlone at a time.

Decepticlones are largely autonomous and display no sentience, though some models have a higher degree of artificial intelligence and combat skill, attempting to evade enemy attacks or use stealth in their approach. Also, most Decepticlones show no signs of transformation capability. Due to their sheer number, they have allowed Megatron to nearly conquer all of Cybertron, and have overrun many locations since being dispatched to Earth.

Decepticlone classes


Begun, this Clone War has.


A Command Unit and several Medium Units. Not shown: the Cameraman Unit that took the picture

Decepticlones come in a wide variety of bodyforms, with varying abililties and intelligence levels.


The warring factions of Combatron used Decepticlones in their world-spanning conflicts Nearly all of the scanners were destroyed in these wars, but one portable Decepticlone scanner was hidden away in a "doomsday arsenal" beneath the planet's surface. Hundreds of years later, that scanner was accidentally discovered by a small group of Decepticons. Using Buzzsaw and Swindle as templates, the Decepticons soon mustered an army of Decepticlones, which Brushguard planned to use to scour the galaxy for the lost Cyber Planet Keys. He first used them to down a group of Autobots who had found Combatron just as they had, but the scanner was soon destroyed by the Mini-Con Skysickle, and most of the Decepticlones were destroyed when the Autobot Armorhide flew the Spanner into the arsenal. Force of Habit

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