Decepticharge is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.

Don't let me die before I know who I am.

Decepticharge is the product of a dark fusion between a Binaltech body created for Windcharger and an evil laser core. A new individual, he possesses all of Windcharger's abilities and a deep loyalty to his creator, Unicron.



Binaltech (unused)

After the Prowl debacle, it was determined that the Binaltech GT remote-linking system required further testing before being used for any other Autobots. An Earth Defense Command shuttle was dispatched into space with three empty Binaltech units on board: a pair of BT-16 Honda S-2000 Aero Style bodies intended for Windcharger, and the blue BT-15 GHS (Generic Host Shell) built for Prowl. As it travelled outside of Earth's solar system, the shuttle disappeared with the bodies on board.

Through an outside force, the silver BT-16 Beta Unit was fused with the spark of a Transformer from the future. The yellow Delta Unit retained Windcharger's pre-programmed abilities, but was implanted with an evil laser core to become a new being called Decepticharge.

Two days after the shuttle's disappearance, the pair materialized before Shockwave and his Decepticons in the midst of a Starscream-led coup d’état. Decepticharge quelled the uprising with a powerful electromagnetic wave and told the Decepticons that Unicron was angry at them for their petty schemes to use his power, commanding them to defeat Optimus Prime and destroy the Matrix of Leadership.


Honda Binaltech Online Game

Decepticharge game


Despite not being part of the Binaltech line, Decepticharge appears as the enemy in Honda's online Flash-animated Binaltech fighting game, as a yellow recolor of Overdrive. He is not given a specific name in this game, only the title of yokozuna ("sumo champion").

He has a wide variety of very strange powers with which to really beat the snot out of his opponents. These include growing to giant size or shrinking his opponents to tinyness then jumping up and down on them, and any number of blaster-rifle effects.



  • Decepticharge (Alternator, 2005)
Alternator ID number: 14
Alt Decepticharge toy

Drunk on Dinotron.

Decepticharge is a retool of the Alternators Windcharger toy, transforming into a "street performance" Honda S2000. His hardtop roof can be removed for an open-top vehicle mode. He is covered in fake sponsor decals, advertising such products as "Dinotron Racing Fuel", "Dualor Exhaust" and "Hyperlinq Racing".
Decepticharge is essentially a US-only toy, as it only saw "release" in Japan as a prize in a contest from Takara's Transformers: Binaltech & TF Collection Complete Guide book; 100 Decepticharges (in US packaging) were awarded to the winners.
The mold will be redecoed into Binaltech Arcee


  • The remold of Alternators Grimlock was originally planned to be Windcharger (presumably in red), but ultimately ended up as Wheeljack instead, with a new head sculpt. Meanwhile, the head sculpt originally intended for Ford-Windcharger ended up being used for the remold of Windcharger (the Honda S2000 mold) instead, which ultimately became Decepticharge.
  • In 2005, the Decepticharge mold was presented as an upcoming release for the Japanese Binaltech line. Originally, Takara intended to name for their version of the toy "Wildrider", but they ultimately had to abandon that idea because they couldn't get the trademark. Instead, they decided to give the toy an entirely new deco, as the Hasbro toy's deco didn't appear to their ideal of "real-life accuracy". In robot mode, the toy was given a color scheme based on the Transmetal 2 incarnation of Beast Wars Blackarachnia, with the toy's name being changed to "Black Widow", Takara's name for the character. Ultimately, however, Takara decided to cancel the toy altogether, as they were fearing that another redeco (in addition to the upcoming Binaltech Asterisk toys) would be too repetitive. Plans to release the toy as part of a different line were only picked up again when the line was revived and finally saw release as Arcee.
  • The Decepticharge mold is also used as the basis for a Decepticon Legion from the first installment of the Kiss-Player manga in Dengeki Diaoh magazine.
  • Character and fiction information for Decepticharge was finally provided in late 2007 with the release of The Transformers Binaltech Stories: Profiles and Technical Specifications, an unofficial publication by BT story writer Hirofumi Ichikawa that compiled all then-current BT information as well as that of the cancelled BT releases of "Blackwidow" (Blackarachnia) and Ginrai - the former also including an origin and story for Decepticharge. While not entirely canonical, it's probably the best we're going to get.

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