The Decagon is a fortress-like building on the western perimeter of the city of the High Council Pavilions, located in Iacon. It is the main Autobot control center of planetary security and defenses.


Transformers: War for Cybertron

Following the apparent death of Zeta Prime, an Autobot officer named Optimus took temporary command of the Autobots and led his squad down the ruined Iacon speedway in order to reach the Decagon. There they could use the communications tower to contact the Autobot ground forces. However, Starscream was waiting for them, and attacked. After chasing Starscream from the room, a distress call from Zeta Prime was projected in the Decagon's communications grid. Though it was an obvious trap, the message gave Optimus hope their leader could be rescued. 


  • A Decagon is a ten-sided polygon. As this Decagon is a military headquarters, it's probably a reference to the Pentagon.
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