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A ravaging mechanoid rampages across Earth... and holds a clue to the Creation Matrix's whereabouts.

Marvel UK > Issue # 235-236
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Marvel UK issues #235-236

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Geoff Senior, Staz
Lettering: GLIB

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Aboard the Ark, Siren recites a Cybertronian myth about a god-like being called the Deathbringer, which has the power to create and destroy worlds.

The Autobots are aboard the Ark recovering from the Underbase battle. Nightbeat asks Optimus why he can't use the Matrix to repair all the injured Autobots. Optimus Prime reveals (for the first time) that when the Autobots launched his old body into space, they unknowingly launched the Matrix along with it. Thus, the Matrix is lost.

A communication comes in from Cloudburst of Rec Team Two, which was sent to check out a disturbance on earth. Cloudburst is badly damaged and asks for help before his communication signal is lost.

Optimus Prime and several Autobots, including Nightbeat, head to Earth, where they encounter a being calling itself Deathbringer. Deathbringer claims his purpose is to "wipe the stain of life from this planet," as he annihilates the city.

Suddenly, Optimus Prime recognizes that the being possesses the power of the Matrix, and he refuses to fight back against it. The other Autobots try to fight back, but Deathbringer quashes their attempt and heavily damages them.

Meanwhile, Nightbeat radios the Ark, and asks Waverider for information on Deathbringer. Waverider reveals that there are two records: one the legend that Siren recited earlier, and the other a mechanoid that kills beings gripped by plague or mental illness in order to grant them relief from their suffering. Nightbeat notices that Deathbringer is being slowly eaten away by the Matrix's power, and informs Deathbringer of this. Deathbringer follows its purpose and kills itself.

Items of Note

  • This incident was referred to in US Issue #65 "Dark Creation", the only time a UK story was acknowledged in the US comic.