The Death Star is a battle station in the Star Wars continuity.
SWDeath Star

That which does not become part of me, sha—oh, wait, never mind.

The Death Star is a battle station, apparently under the control of Darth Vader. Its defenses include TIE Fighters and a large laser cannon.


Star Wars Transformers

Darth Vader/Death Star (2007)
The imposing, sole Supreme-class figure of the Star Wars Transformers toyline, this gigantic Darth Vader mech transforms into the planet destroying Death Star. Featuring excellent articulation, it has ratchet joints at the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees, with swivel joints taking up the remaining few. In both modes, it has a spring loaded missile launcher that fires a small, translucent green projectile. It also features lights and sounds, with several clips taken from the movie. In robot mode, it has a seriously gigantic light saber. Taped inside the package is a cloth cape which can be attached to the back of the figure in robot mode (care must be taken to not throw it away).
Like all figures in the Star Wars Transformers line, it comes with a pilot figure of the character the toy depicts. Additionally, it comes with three more figures, all of which are generic Storm Troopers. Three TIE Fighters are also included, which also have a Mech Mode. Oddly, the instructions and description on the box refer to them as Mini-Cons. In both modes, panels on the back open to reveal storage compartments for the pilots and TIE Fighters, while in Mech mode there are several smaller compartments on the legs and shoulders for the pilots.
The instructions give no suggestion as to where to put the lightsaber in vehicle mode, though there is plenty of empty space inside. Additionally, the compartments on either side of the back are barely large enough to accommodate more than one TIE Fighter at a time without disassembling the solar arrays.

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