Deadheat is a Decepticon who appears in Transformers: Universe.



Stylish, deadly, loud, fast. These are the only words that you can truly use to describe Deadheat's core essence. Quicker than the speed of sound, this demon uses edged weapons and laser blasts to get the job done. Outrunning everyone, from Velocitron to Earth, this motion manipulator still believes in giving his opposition some chance to face him even as he pushes himself towards his limits.


Deadheat was part of the crew of the Leviathan when it shot down the Autobot ship Arclight over Central City. He and the other Decepticons on board went on to engage in a number of battles against the surviving Autobots in a number of places around the world.


  • His in-game weapons are the Daedelux Laser Rifle, Dorsal Blaster Rifle, and Enigma Arm Blades. His sports prototype alt-mode comes equipped with rockets that are used for weaponry, not acceleration.
  • His in-game abilities are:
    • Jump-Start — Deadheat emits a pulse which deals damage to enemies within a radius of Deadheat. Deals more damage with enemies have been hit with Deadheat's Enigma Arm Blades.
    • Spike-Strip Armor — Deadheat gains additional resistance to damage and if he is hit with a melee weapon the attacker receives damage.
    • Escape Computer — Deadheat calculates the best route to escape, he becomes free of any movement inhibitors (e.g. slowdown, immobilizer etc.) and gains additional speed.
  • His active subsystem was "Left for Dead" but was replaced by another subsystem which refuelled Deadheat's s-tech upon killing an enemy. "Left for Dead" reboots his Escape Computer after he kills a foe.
  • Deadheat is one of the six Founders Pack exclusive characters for Transformers Universe.
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