The Dead Universe is a region in the IDW comics portion of the Generation One continuity family

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The Dead Universe is a mysterious and malevolent realm that exists beyond the plane of "normal" space. Those who enter are said to become dead in both body and mind, and are forced into the service of a vast, dark intelligence. This all-controlling evil presence is known only as "The Darkness"; even its minions understand little about it except that it is wholly devoted to the obliteration of all life. These goals have been directed by the space-lost crew of the original Ark in service of the grand plan of the Expansion. Those exposed to the baleful energies of the Dead Universe cannot survive long outside of it, necessitating the Ark crew's reliance upon Galvatron, who for unknown reasons can travel beyond indefinitely.

Individuals known to be aligned with the Dead Universe include:

Not all the servants of the Dead Universe do so willingly, or even knowingly. The vast technological acumen of Jhiaxus has produced several mind-controlled agents for the furthering of his goals. These agents have not been fully immersed in the Dead Universe, and thus make excellent catspaws.


IDW continuity

The Dead Universe was discovered by the crew of the original Ark during its expedition into the Benzuli Expanse. A cosmic anomaly within the Expanse swallowed the exploratory ship, transporting them to the mysterious dimension. The disappearance of the Ark has been considered to be one of the great mysteries of Cybertronian history, which led Nightbeat to investigate it. Following up on a lead, he landed on Gorlam Prime. Beneath the surface of the planet, he discovered a second anomaly, a vast underground sea of quicksilver-like material. Unfortunately upon reaching this he was abducted by Micromasters and given over to the tender ministrations of Straxus. Spotlight: Nightbeat Subsequent expeditions to the Benzuli Expanse have shown evidence that the anomaly has since begun to expand, and seems on a path to consume the entire local star system. Those same expeditions have met with hostile reaction from Galvatron, to prevent interference. Spotlight: Galvatron

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