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The name or term Matrix refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Matrix (disambiguation).


"This littl' light o' mine, I ain't gonna let it shine..."

The Dead Matrix is carried within the chest of Nemesis Prime.

Originally one of many Autobot Matrices of Leadership from a mostly undocumented corner of the multiverse, it was corrupted over time inside of a defeated Optimus Prime. As the body lingered, eventually very little of Primus's essence remained inside. Using Nemesis Prime, Unicron's tortured clone of the fallen Prime, Unicron was able to insert a portion of his own dark essence into the artifact. This newly created weapon, mirroring the relationship of the good Matrix with Unicron, would kill Primus should it ever be opened in his presence, which would be very bad indeed.

Fortunately, Nemesis Prime failed in his mission to do just that, and as per the instruction of Over-Run, Omega Prime, Vector Prime and Sentinel Maximus placed it in a rare items locker deep within Cybertron. Soundwave used his companion Laserbeak to retrieve it, and then chucked it into the Unicron Singularity, granting Unicron enough power to be reborn.



  • Nemesis Prime (Ultra, 2004)
The Dead Matrix toy is an accessory that comes with Nemesis Prime and can be stored in its chest.