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Dead End is a Decepticon from the Revenge of the Fallen portion of the live-action film continuity family.

Dead End (aka Detour) is not only a dark, depressed Decepticon, he's also an energy-siphoning vampire. It is no wonder that even other Decepticons find him creepy. When he is not stalking the streets in sports car mode, Dead End can be found standing around in dark places, where his red optics can glow most dramatically. He would sooner snarl than have a conversation, but when he does speak, it is bound to be something weird or gloomy. When Dead End is running near empty, he will sneak up on Autobots and steal their energy. But when he is really desperate, he has been known to crawl towards recharging Decepticons, get his siphoning filters on them, and then drain them slowly dry.


Bumblebee: Movie Prequel comics

Titan Magazines


In Death Valley, California, Three Autobots: Jolt, Dune Runner, and Rollbar, are on patrol following an order from Bumblebee. As driving through the desert, Dead End looks on. He is on the hunt for spare parts. The Autobots go of the dirt track and on to the top of a cliff. They discuss that these missions are just rounding up the few rogue Decepticons that remain on Earth. Jolt scans the surrounding area and he come up with a small deserted town by a dried up river. As they drive off, Dead End tries to reach out and Grab Rollbar, but he's too late. The Autobots arrive at the town and start looking around. They realize they've been running on half power, and need to find more. Jolt searches through a collapsed house. As he lifts a piece up, Dead End grabs Jolt's arm and rips it off. He then bursts through the rubble Shouting "Not..Enough. Never...Enough!" and tackles Dune Runner, ripping his arm off. Rollbar smashes a Stage coach over Dead Ends' head, while he responds by punching the Autobot's head. As a result of that, Dead End's arm falls of, He tries to attach Jolt's arm to himself. Jolt finds one of Dead End's power cells and uses it to charge his Electro-Whips. He lassos Dead End's arm and give a powerful electric shock, knocking him out.

Later, the Autobots take him back to Ratchet. He discovers a prototype regeneration circuit. This was the reason he went mad, and on the rampage for spare parts. Spare Parts


Revenge of the Fallen

  • Dead End (Scout, 2008)
Dead End appears to be based on an experimental Pugeot. The front of the European release packaging of this toy names him as Detour, although he is still referred to as Dead End on the back of the packaging. This mold was redecoed into Nightbeat.
  • Dead End (Deluxe, 2009)

Sideswipe is going to have an easier time slicing this guy in half.

Dead End is a redeco of Sideways with a new head cast. The visor has bug-like eyes moulded into it. His vehicle mode is black with red stripes and blue windows. Its also possibly Dead End's best representation since Generation 1.


  • From the way Dead End acts in the Titan Magazines, he would definitely give Sideswipe a run for his money, un-like Sideways, who share the same body type with Dead End.
  • Before he's appears in IDW's movie continuity! Dead End (or Detour) appeared only in the comics of Titan Magazine and Revenge of the Fallen toyline.

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