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The name or term Dead End refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Dead End (disambiguation).

Dead End knows that his having an entry in some database somewhere hardly matters. The page will be vandalized. The computers will eventually fail. The data will be lost. The species that made it will go extinct. Their planet will become barren. The sun will die out. All suns will die out. The universe will implode again, or expand into nothingness, or be eaten by a giant evil space-god. So what's the point?

Despite this deep knowledge of the dark, inevitable pointlessness of existence, he spends an inordinate amount of time polishing and primping himself. Presumably he has decided that if his expiration is inevitable, he's going to inevitably expire looking good.

This is something the other Decepticons are sure to tease him about whenever they get the chance, which only depresses him more. If you can actually motivate him to fight, he's a fearless warrior and actually cheers up a little, since trying to save his own life can momentarily distract him from how ultimately brief and pointless it is; the hard trick is getting him motivated in the first place, since in the end we're all doomed. Sigh.

Dead End combines with his fellow Stunticons to form Menasor, though he doesn't know why he bothers.

"Face it: we're doomed."
―Dead End at any given minute[["Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1"| [src]]]

French name (Canada): Impasse
Italian name: Cobra
Serbian name: Dedend
Portuguese name (Portugal cartoon): Impasse



Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Dead End was first seen in a vision from the Creation Matrix experienced by Optimus Prime and Buster Witwicky. He attacked a stricken power plant with the other Stunticons, who quickly formed Menasor to battle the Protectobots. In the combiner battle that followed, Dead End was largely responsible for the Decepticons' defeat: In his capacity as Menasor's right arm, he chose to argue rather than fire his weapon, giving Superion time to step out of the way and ensure he hit Bruticus instead. The vision was also monitored by Shockwave, who ordered construction to begin on Dead End. Second Generation

Dead End and the other Stunticons were eventually activated by Megatron, using a link with the Creation Matrix. He sent them to carry out a smear campaign, by causing havoc and then tracking down Skids and pretending to defend him from the Aerialbots, so the humans would think they were on the same side. They then formed Menasor to battle Superion and RAAT. Heavy Traffic

Dead End was chosen to carry Megatron when the Decepticons travelled to their new base in the Florida Keys and had to put up with him thinking every truck they passed was Optimus Prime. Gone But Not Forgotten Dead End wasn't seen again after that. He may have ended up under Ratbat's command and he may have been killed during the Underbase Saga. Or he may just have decided to end it all.

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Note: These stories do not fit into the normal Marvel continuity. See Earthforce for details.

Back in action on Earth, Dead End and his Stunticon partner Drag Strip began working for a faction of Decepticons led by Megatron. Megatron had created an ozone-warping rocket, designed to trap heat in the atmosphere which could be tapped for a new source of energy, even though it would virtually destroy all life on Earth. Their plan was interrupted by two Autobots, Wheeljack and Prowl. Starting Over! While Wheeljack kept the Stunticons busy, Prowl leapt onto the rocket itself, his weight knocking it off course and causing it to crash before it reached the apex point in the atmosphere it was meant to travel to. Dead End and Drag Strip raced to the crashsite, hoping to retrieve the atmospheric poisons Megatron had loaded it with. At the fallen rocket, however, they ran into Runabout and Runamuck, who were interested in securing the equipment for their commander, Shockwave. The four Decepticons began to tussle, little realizing Prowl had already snuck away and neutralized the cannisters. How droll. Life in the Slow Lane

At the Enclave, Dead End was seen talking to Octane early on. Later, after the party descended into violence, he was seen punching out Astrotrain while fighting back-to-back with Tantrum, both of them little realizing they were supposed to be on opposite sides. Probably. The Bad Guy's Ball! During the attack on Autobot Earthbase, Dead End and Breakdown joined the Battlechargers in racing in through the wall of laser fire, trying to reach the base and the Autobot soldiers inside defending it. None of them made it, though, so it was all rather pointless in the end. Divide and Conquer! When the Decepticons needed to kidnap the Autobots' human ally, Irwin Spoon, Dead End and the Stunticons ran interference for Motormaster so that he could get away with the human stored inside his cab. After Breakdown took himself out of action, though, only Dead End and Drag Strip were left to stop Bumblebee and Tracks from catching up with their leader. The two Stunticons raced up onto the rear bumpers of their foes, only to be caught off guard when the Autobots suddenly broke away, sending the Decepticon cars hurtling into the back wheels of their own boss, Motormaster, knocking all of them off the road. End of the Road!

Note: Drag Strip and Dead End are mistakenly named as Shockwave's troops in "Life in the Slow Lane", just as the Battlechargers are mistakenly identified as working for Megatron.
Marvel UK future timelines

Dead End and the Stunticons attacked Kup on the road in 2003, making an attempt to steal the plans for the upcoming Autobot City. They were successful, but the plans were a set of fakes, so they ultimately didn't gain anything. An exhausting exercise in futility -- bet Dead End droned on about that for days. Ark Duty

In 2008, Scourge, Cyclonus and Death's Head were compelled by Unicron to make an assassination attempt on the Decepticon leader, Shockwave. They sealed the door to the audience chamber during the attack, and so Soundwave summoned the Stunticons as Menasor to break through the door. They eventually did so, and Breakdown and Dead End were about to execute the Decepticon traitors when Death's Head returned with news of Shockwave's demise. Using a series of explosives built into his hover platform as an incentive, the bounty hunter forced Soundwave and the other Decepticons to submit to their leadership. The Legacy of Unicron!

Generation 2

After Skullgrin was killed on a survey mission by the Cybertronian Empire, Dead End was seen among the Decepticons Megatron was pumping up into a killing fury. (There was, however, a speech bubble near Dead End's head calling for "Death to the pretenders!" Maybe he meant the G2 Decepticons, or maybe he just didn't like Skullgrin). New Dawn

Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Phillip Clarke (US), Masashi Ebara (Japan)

Dead End introducing himself to Megatron.

Dead End, along with the other Stunticons, was given life by Vector Sigma in an attempt by Megatron to form a ground based unit. Seeing little choice in the matter, Dead End decided to do what Megatron said. The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 1

While Megatron was attempting to recover the infamous Pearl of Bahoudin in Turkey, he ordered the Stunticons to dispose of several Autobots who were nearby participating the Europa 2000 charity race. The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 2

While his fellow Stunticons surrounded the brothers Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, Dead End leapt ahead of the racers and transformed, blasting the boxed-in Autobots off the road. They disabled several more racers, but when Dead End set a trap for Bluestreak, the wily gunner managed to escape his attackers. Trans-Europe Express

On another occasion, Megatron instructed the Stunticons to bring him a series of scientific components for his latest Unbeatable Super Weapon. Dead End and Drag Strip were assigned to acquire an experimental generator from the U.S. military. The retrieval was successful, but they encountered the Autobots Tracks and Warpath on the drive to their rendezvous with Megatron. Dead End was disabled by a blast of Tracks' black beam gun, followed by Warpath putting his fist through the Stunticon's roof. Disabled and collected as prisoners of war, the Stunticons were brought back to the Ark and held in captivity while Optimus Prime and a strike team of Autobots used camouflage paint to mimic the Stunticons and infiltrate Megatron's camp. Special operations agent Jazz, a cheerful and easy going robot, assumed Dead End's appearance, which undoubtedly made Dead End feel even worse. The real Stunticons managed to break free, however, and confronted their dopplegangers as Menasor. Ultimately, the Super Weapon was destroyed, and the Decepticons were forced into a retreat. Masquerade

Caught up in a demolition derby, the Stunticons missed most of the "civil war" between the Decepticons and Starscream's Combaticons. They arrived at the battle site just as Starscream was declaring victory over Megatron. Dead End didn't particularly care either way, until Motormaster pointed out that Starscream was insufferable enough already without being in charge, and Dead End quickly conceded that point. The Stunticons formed Menasor and, one Batman *POW* later, Bruticus was in pieces. Starscream's Brigade

After the Decepticons were driven off Cybertron in the aftermath of Unicron's attack, they fled to Chaar. Suffering constant energon shortages, they were reduced to fighting among themselves. The Stunticons stuck together, but things were dire. So dire, in fact, that the Decepticons offered up their energon when it was learned that Galvatron was alive. Dead End warned that they were doomed if they gave up their energon, but Wildrider countered that if they didn't, they were doomed anyway. Either way, they were doomed. Oh, for God's sake... Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1

When the Quintessons arrived on Chaar, the other Decepticons cowered in fear. Dead End, however, had had enough. If he was going to die, he would just get it over with. He asked the Quintessons to just make it quick, but they offered energon instead. He deferred to Swindle's negotiating skills, and when Swindle said to test some of the energon, he agreed. What the heck, poison would probably be quicker than fuel exhaustion. Fortunately, the energon was untainted, and Dead End agreed to help the Quintessons destroy the Autobots on Goo. Might as well take a few Autobots with them before they go offline. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 2

When they arrived, Galvatron showed up and fired upon the "traitors". Dead End could care less: whether from in front or behind, death was death. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 3, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5

Dead End and the Stunticons fought alongside Galvatron during a scheme to steal Metroplex's transforming cog, leaving him vulnerable to Trypticon. The Ultimate Weapon

Later, after a series of assaults on Japan, Dead End and Wildrider were left behind on Earth to watch for Autobot activity while the others returned to Chaar. Seeing Rodimus Prime driving on a secluded stretch of highway, the two Stunticons went after him, and eventually knocked the Autobot leader off the side of a cliff. This jarred loose the Matrix of Leadership from Rodimus' chest cavity, and so Dead End and Wildrider took their prize back to Galvatron. The Burden Hardest to Bear, The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1, The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2

Scramble City

The Headmasters cartoon

Four Warriors Come out of the Sky, The Mystery of Planet Master, Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 1, Head On!! Fortress Maximus, The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg, I Risk My Life for Earth

Dreamwave comics continuity

At one point during the Great War, Dead End was linked with the Stunticons to become a super-combiner known as Menasor. After the Crisis Intervention Accords, though, the Stunticons were forced to disband as a unit to prevent major devastation. To that end, Dead End and Motormaster joined Starscream's Predacons separate from their teammates. The War Within: The Age of Wrath

At some point in Cybertron's recent history, the Stunticons were deemed psychotic and too dangerous to function in society, and as a result were placed into perpetual stasis lock inside of a prison facility. Later, in an attempt to create a diversion while he set his final plans in motion, Shockwave arranged for the release of the Stunticons. They formed into Menasor and ran amuck for a while, until Ultra Magnus arrived and began insulting them. Unable to reconcile with this, the five Stunticons began to bicker with each other over whose fault it was that they were failing, temporarily stopping Menasor and allowing Ultra Magnus to ram the combiner in the chest, forcing him to separate into his component parts and disabling the Stunticons. Passive Aggression

IDW comics continuity

Strangely optimistic for a pessimist.

Dead End was one of dozens of Cybertronians who answered the call to join Megatron in Kaon's underground pit-fighting ring, and later participated in the first street battle against Autobot forces. He was also...unnervingly optimistic about his chances of making the team.

Seriously, it was creepy. Megatron Origin issue 3

Soon afterwards, Megatron launched his rebellion, and Dead End fought alongside Drag Strip in the ensuing battle. Megatron Origin issue 4


Generation One

I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed.

  • Dead End (1986)
    • Team ID number: S1
    • Japanese ID number: D-54
    • Accessories: Gun, double cannon, cannon connector
The original Dead End toy transformed into a maroon Porsche 928. He comes with a black double-barreled laser cannon that attaches to the back of his vehicle mode.
In humanoid mode, Dead End's legs transform similarly to Breakdown's, flipping and inverting. He is armed with a small black laser pistol. As he was designed with the Scramble City-style combination, he can form the arm or leg to any similarly-constructed robot combination. Although the 1986 G1 Menasor toy giftset shows Dead End as the right leg of Menasor, Dead End's nominal placement is as Menasor's left arm.


Generation 2

  • Dead End (Stunticon)
    • Team ID number: S2
For the Generation 2 line, Hasbro intended to release redecoes of the Stunticons in 1994, with Dead End being cast primarily in red plastic, with black and blue accents. Ultimately, however, the toys never went into mass poduction and remained officially unreleased. Only the four limbs are known to have made it to the sample packaging stage, having turned up in very limited numbers over the years (with the exception of G2 Breakdown, who was available at BotCon 1994 in somewhat larger quantities). All the G2 Stunticons are known to catch high prices on the secondary market.[1]
Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.


  • Dead End (2004)
    • Alternator ID number: 6
    • Japanese ID number: BT-05
    • Accessories: Engine/gun

I've got this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side.

Alternators Dead End transforms into a fully-painted black Dodge Viper Competition Coupe with silver stripes, red windows and headlights.
In robot mode he transforms similarly to Alternators Side Swipe, and has Sunstreaker's head, as his tooling was originally designed as the latter Autobot. As a retool of Side Swipe, several of his parts are different, including the hood, wheels, roof, the entire rear end of the car, chest and head. He is armed with a vacuum-metalized silver gun formed out of his engine.
The main difference between the US Alternators release of this toy and the Japanese Binaltech version is that the Binaltech version is constructed partially out of die-cast metal.


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