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Dead End is a Predacon from the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One continuity family.


Dead End is a model Predacon. He was the pride of the Predacon war academy on Cybertron and a respected soldier for years. Dead End believes that fighting to impress superiors is petty and never does so. He is embarrassed by the actions of his fellow Predacons and their constant attempts to gain power. Dead End is highly studied in military history and adept at adapting those old strategies and tactics to modern combat. He fights simply because he wants to and he takes great joy in sending his enemies to an early grave. Some think that he enjoys it too much... it has been noted that he smiles when he kills.


Beast Wars Neo animation

Voice actor: Seiji Mizutani (Japanese)

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Beast Wars Neo manga

IDW Beast Wars comics

IDW Dead End


Once Dead End was as sullen and fatalistic as his namesake. It was only when Magmatron recruited him into the Predacons that he found his true calling as a soldier.

(It is presumed that he participated alongside Magmatron in this continuity's version of the events of Beast Wars Neo, back before the end of the Great War and signing of the Pax Cybertronia.)

Some time later, Dead End was among the Predacon crowd gathered to hear Magmatron speak of his secret rebellion against the Tripredacus Council (as shown in a flashback sequence).[1] He did not accompany Magmatron to Earth.


  • Dead End (Basic, 1999)
    • Japanese ID number: D-32
    • Accessories: Left & right shell halves, tentacle-cannon
Dead End transforms into an ammonite, an ancient ancestor of the nautilus (and not, as he is often described, a tasty peppermint candy). His tentacles form a hand-held weapon for robot mode. The shell-half on his right shoulder is actually a very large spring-loaded missile. He has the largest missile-to-body ratio ever.
  • Break vs Dead End (Basic, 1999)
    • Japanese ID number: VS-32
Dead End was available both as an individual and in a two-pack with the Maximal Break. Both toys are identical to their individual releases.


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