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The name or term Dead End refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Dead End (disambiguation).

Dead End is a Mini-Con from the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

My mind rots in the black house of crooked angles, but enough about me. How are you?

What scraps of mind remain within Dead End are twisted beyond all hope of recovery. A gibbering mad-bot in an eternal state of mind-numbing terror, Dead End lives (such as it is) within the depths of the colossal Unicron. The Chaos-Bringer has a use for the poor creature, however; he is the template for the hundreds —perhaps thousands— of non-sentient Dead End Drones that serve as part of Unicron's immune system.

Japanese name: Bug


Transformers Playstation 2 Game[]

A massive Dead End can be seen on one hemisphere of Unicron's planetary mode.

Note: It's probably best not to think too hard in this scale issue.



  • Unicron with Mini-Con Dead End (Supreme, 2003)
    • Japanese ID number: MX-00
Armada Dead End transforms into a dark gray and yellow mechanical "moon" with a cannon. He can fit into a specially-shaped socket on Unicron's planet form and act as a turret.
This mold was used to make the Dead End Drone and Dead End General.
  • Unicron of Light (Supreme, 2003)
This contest-prize exclusive toy of Unicron's Mini-Con-formed doppelganger from the Micron Legend Year Book 2003 of course came with a version of Dead End. Despite the mass changes to the big toy, this version of Dead End is only slightly different from the regular version, using a slightly lighter shade of charcoal as a base plastic color. Only 10 Green Unicrons were awarded.


  • Unicron (Supreme, 2004)
Dead End's Armada toy was redecoed along with Unicron for the Energon toyline, in a somewhat Earth-like light blue and green color scheme.
The Energon packaging shipped with either the orange Armada Unicron and dark gray Dead End or the black Energon Unicron and blue Dead End inside in early shipments.


  • The individual/drone thing is a little complicated. (Probably less than we're about to make it, though.) In Japan, there is no individual "Bug" character per se. The toy that came with Unicron has no bio, and seems to represent the mass drones seen in the cartoon... even though the drones are different colors and never became robots (in the cartoon, mind. One or two appeared in the "Linkage" side-comic). Later on, Takara released the specifically-designated "Bug Drone" as part of the fourth "Micron Booster" assortment, which was considerably cheaper for army-building... but as part of Galaxy Force with no accompanying story or bio or anything. These drones (and the General units) were later given bios through the Official Transformers Collectors' Club.
  • Of course, Dead End can serve as a drone if you want him to. Why the hell not?

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