Dawson is a human character in the Generation One continuity family.

I bet you ten bucks I can swallow this phone.

Dawson is the "Defense Minister" of the United States. He enjoys talking on his gigantic cellphone.

Note: The United States does not actually have a Defense Minister. The American cabinet appointee tasked with regulating the military is known as the Secretary of Defense. This mistake is presumably because Dreamwave, the publisher of this storyline, was based in Canada, and the Great White North's equivalent of the Secretary of Defense is indeed a Defense Minister.


Dreamwave comics continuity

Dawson greeted the President of the United States at the Pentagon, and advised him to order an air strike on San Francisco, where a massive battle between the newly-awakened Autobots and Decepticons was raging. Dawson was interrupted by a call from Central Intelligence, who informed him that a nuclear missile launch had been authorized - unbeknownst to Dawson, by General Robert Hallo. This greatly surprised both Dawson and the President, who unsuccessfully attempted to abort the launch. Prime Directive issue 6

Keepers Trilogy

The Secretary of Defense was denied access to the President's office by his new secretary- he didn't call ahead for an appointment, and Susan doesn't like that.

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