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Datafile Decoder is an online game.

With the Autobots own communications jammed, Optimus Prime contacts the Lunchables Brigade, warning of the Decepticons imminent arrival. He directs them to download essential datafiles from Cybertron via Cybertron Galactic Systems. However the Brigade must also decode the datafiles before passing them on to the Autobots.

The decoding would apparently be unnecessary if the Autobots had downloaded them directly, perhaps Cybertron Galactic Systems would not send send uncoded files over an unsecure connection?

Solving the Datafiles involves matching and assembling rotating sections of robot outlines with increasingly short time limits. Once all the codes have been solved, a screen saver with two bonus profiles (Frenzy and Jazz) is unlocked.

Ratchet and Barricade's bios can be decoded merely by speed-solving their puzzles, but the other 6 first need to be unlocked by entering codes that can be found on select Lunchables eating-products.


Datafile Decoder was produced by Blackdot, a content-creation company specializing in small web or CD-Rom multimedia.


  • As was frequently the case for Movie bios as 'exclusive' content, the biographies on the Datafile Decoder site appear to have been written specifically for that outlet.
  • This is Lunchables second movie co-promotion with the Transformers. The Lunchables Maxed Out webpage included exclusive interviews, a glow-in-the-dark 'transforming' poster giveaway and yet another set of bios for the movie characters.
  • Most of Ratchet's Datafile is blank and 'classified' for reasons unknown.

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