The Data Caste was a middle-ranking level of the caste system on Cybertron. If a bot was assigned to this caste when he emerged from the Well of All Sparks, he became a monitor at the Hall of Records in Iacon. He would sit at his desk and monitor the Communication Grid's transmissions from all over Cybertron.


Transformers: Exodus

Orion Pax was assigned to the Data Caste and became a monitor at the Hall of Records. While working there, he first heard Megatronus' transmissions about freedom for all Cybertronians. 


  • It is known that the Data Caste is higher than that of industrial workers, it is likely one of the middle castes from the way it is described, but this is not said outright. The Cultural Investigation caste is, again, higher than the Data Caste but whether this makes it part of the "High Castes" or simply "higher" within the middle caste is unknown.
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