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Data-Cons are data storage devices used by the Mini-Cons. They are flat, slate-gray discs that bear the Mini-Con emblem, and can give off a glowing emergency beacon that can be seen from great distances. (This glow is virtually identical to the glow of a Mini-Con storage panel.)

Upon activation, Data-Cons emit a series of bright holographic images while relaying their data to the one who activated them.

Data-Cons are used not only to contain data, but can also store life-sustaining energon. During the search for the Mini-Cons on Earth, the discovery of a Data-Con's energon supplies helped the Autobots pull through some tough missions.

Note: Data-Cons first appeared in the PlayStation 2 game, Transformers. The data they contain is "bonus" content for the player's amusement, like renders, development art, comics, toy pictures, music, and even some never-before-released Generation One public service announcements in the same vein as ones from the G.I. Joe cartoon.


Fun Publications comics

In the wake of the Transformers' exodus from Cybertron Exodus! and the Mini-Cons' creation and reconstruction of the planet, the Dirt Digger Team used a Data-Con in an attempt to disrupt and alter a beacon signal meant to call the scattered Autobots back home. The New World

Theft of the Golden Disk

Cryotek warns Megatron not to access the information archive they are stealing, because only he can decode the data-con. Theft of the Golden Disk

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