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Dashtacker (ダッシュタッカー Dasshutakkā) is an important member of the Multiforce team. He also happens to be the background member of Multiforce. Strong and reliable, Dashtacker is also the least noted member of the team. Fittingly he is composed of the Autobots Dash and Tacker, warriors even less noticeable than Dashtacker himself. He is the perfect backbone for the group and makes a great right side to Landcross.

English/Malay dub name: Batchtaster (no, seriously) Bashtaser (sometimes)


Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Yoshikazu Hirano (Japanese)

Dashtacker served aboard the Sector One base of the Galactic Defense Forces under the Brainmaster Car Trio. He got offended at the idea that his boss, Wingwaver, might be left on Planet V while the rest transferred to Earth. He went so far as to shout this at Star Saber who quickly pointed out that, before he was so rudely interrupted, he was including Wingwaver in the transfer. Everyone except Dashtacker thought it was quite a laugh. During a search mission in the Amazon, Tacker got stuck in the mud which helped reveal the Autobot position. Big oops.

Dreamwave Generation One comics

Dashtacker was one of several angry Autobots who were sick of listening to Prowl on Cybertron, after the overthrow of Shockwave. Luckily, Ultra Magnus was there to quiet down the mob, giving Prowl a chance to go off and get drunk with Ironhide. Skyfire



  • Dashtacer [sic]

I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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