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Dash is the forty-fifth episode of Armada. It first aired in the United States on November 21, 2003 on Cartoon Network.



Hot Shot goes on a solo mission to convince Galvatron that the Autobots and Decepticons should fight to stop Unicron.


On Cybertron, Galvatron and Thrust command the rest of the Decepticons not to pay any attention to the black hole outside and to disregard the Autobots' offer for a collaborative effort against it. Away from the rest of the Decepticons, Thrust cackles at how he's manipulating both armies. The Autobots wait, impatient and tense. The kids aboard the ship feel depressed as they watch the combat lights on Cybertron's surface. Hot Shot passes them, on his way to personally charge into the Decepticons' stronghold and reason with Galvatron. The kids and Red Alert do their best to dissuade him - but Rad realizes that everybody should let Hot Shot go and convinces the others that it's the best idea. Once Hot Shot is gone, the rest of the Autobots fly to assist Jetfire but come under attack. The Mini-Cons assist by forming several holographic copies of the ship to distract the Decepticons. Fully armed, Hot Shot takes a small craft and buzzes through the Decepticon's defenses to their front door. He motors around their base, passing plenty of opposition. Eventually, Wheeljack arrives to fight Hot Shot one-on-one. The rumble between the two carries into the Decepticons' throne room, where Thrust was seconds away from receiving the Star Saber from Megatron. Wheeljack tries to convince Galvatron to listen to Hot Shot's message, and Wheeljack's compassion convinces Galvatron to open his ears. As Hot Shot explains Unicron, Galvatron notices Thrust panicking and connects the sudden presence of Unicron to the Hydra Cannon's un-Cybertronian technology. Starscream pipes up, mentioning that Thrust has been conspiring against Galvatron. With his plans exposed, Thrust grabs the Requiem Blaster and the Skyboom Shield and reveals that he's been working in the service of Unicron, then he runs away. Starscream, Hot Shot, and Wheeljack chase after the traitor.


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"I wonder what's gonna happen now."
"Stressful times like these call for large quantities of comfort food."

Billy and Fred show just what humans are made of.

Hot Shot: This is a message to the great Galvatron, general of the Decepticon army. The Autobots and Decepticons have fought against one another... for a long time. But there is another enemy that we both must be concerned about. The Mini-Cons have shown us that we all share a common foe: the one called Unicron.
Thrust: Ah, not more of that Unicron nonsense!
Galvatron (to Thrust): I'm growing tired of listening to your drivel.
Galvatron (to Hot Shot): You may go ahead and finish what you were saying. Now you won't be interrupted again. So just who is this Unicron?
Hot Shot: He's the one responsible for creating the black hole. Somehow the Mini-Cons learned about the existence of Unicron, and began to prepare for an attack from him a long time ago.

Galvatron proves he has a lot more sense than his namesake.

Cyclonus: Do you know what's going on here?
Demolishor: Don't ask me, ask the big guy.
Tidal Wave: Who knows?

—A fine example of why it's so hard to get good Decepticon help these days.

"Galvatron, you were never worthy of controlling the Transformers. I've got news for you: You're nothing compared to my true master, Unicron!"

Thrust declares his true allegiance

"Get ready, Thrust. I'm coming for you."

Starscream the avenging angel hunting the traitor Thrust


Animation and/or technical glitches

  • In the fifth shot, Demolishor has an Autobot logo, albeit in purple.
  • The second time Jetfire radios the rest of the Autobots, he's colored like Optimus.
  • The Decepticons' starship officers refer to the Axalon as the "Cybertron ship" as a general description, Cybertron being the Japanese name for the Autobots.
  • When Thrust declares his true loyalty to Unicron, he initially appears without the Requiem Blaster and the Skyboom Shield he grabbed moments before, instead holding one of his missile launchers (which are also missing from his legs). They appear subsequently after a reaction shot of Galvatron.
  • After the Decepticons are all blown away by Thrust's spinning wings attack, the spinning animation has disappeared and he merely fades away of being animated running away (which is how he is shown to be escaping moments later)
  • Though the character model of Generation One Decepticon Misfire also appears as a Decepticon weapons officer in the blockade fleet, he later appears in different colours, missing half of his cockpit backpack as an Autobot questioning Optimus Prime's orders for a withdrawal.
  • Scavenger calls Optimus Prime the commander of the 'Cybertron' army, yet another case of the dubbing team not translating instances of 'Cybertron' (the faction) into 'Autobot'.

Continuity errors

  • It is unclear how Wheeljack's missile/guns/sword thingies are able to withstand the power of the Star Saber when he saves Hot Shot from Galvatron's enraged attack.

Transformers references

  • Though not intended to be a Generation One reference, Hot Shot's nickname of 'Big Red' for Red Alert is reminiscent of the shortened 'Red' nickname given to G1 Red Alert by his friends.

Real-world references

  • None known.

Other Notes

  • The Decepticon starship crew attacking the Axalon use recoloured character models of Generation One Decepticons Misfire and Weirdwolf.
  • This episode depicts the only use of Thrust's toy spinning wings gimmick, though he activates it independently of his Mini-Con Inferno.








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